Mnangagwa: threats no longer work these days

Forewarned is forearmed, goes a very common saying which we must all take heed of.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

It is healthy that you are aware that there are some prospective Zanu PF members of parliament who are aiming to team up with the opposition and impeach you after the elections. If I were you, Comrade President Mnangagwa, the best thing I could have done is to stop threatening those prospective members of parliament the way you have done by telling them that the Zanu PF constitution provides an instrument to chuck out of parliament any member whom you think is not Zanu PF anymore.

Comrade Mnangagwa, to utter such nonsense exposes you for a short memory – only months ago Mugabe resigned when parliament was going through a motion to impeach him, so do not think you are smarter than Mugabe? The same can happen to you too. Also very interestingly, this meeting was supposed to be a healing session after the chaotic primary elections that your party held, so I am trying to figure out how such threats could have been made in a supposedly healing session. What it points out to me at least is that that was not a healing session at all, but it was a meeting to read the riot act to those suspected to be against your leadership, further exposing your leadership qualities. A real healing session is where a leader goes to listen more to the grievances and  work with them to find a solution together.

Now, to the marjority of Zimbabwe, if Emmerson Mnangagwa can be that ruthless to his own fellow party comrades, how do you expect him to deal with you if you oppose his ideas and you are not even a member of his team Zanu PF? That is Emmerson, the Crocodile, Mnangagwa for you. He pretends he loves people, he respects the people’s views, and goes further to say the voice of the people is the voice of God, but his threats to disgruntled members of his own party should be enough warning.

To all members of Zanu PF officials, card carrying members,  supporters and sympathisers, go and vote this man who sheds crocodile tears while his real motive is to get you down.  Bhora Musango is the way to go.

To all Zimbabweans who feel a need for change after 38 years of one party rule, take advantage of the additional votes for the opposition coming from within Zanu PF, vote in your numbers and kick Emmerson Mnangagwa out.

Zimbabwe needs a fresh start, and God seems to have provided the opportunity for a fresh start for Zimbabwe now, let’s use the opportunity.

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