ED Mnangagwa and his Coup Mafia will NOT deliver free and fair elections!!!

Allow me to air my views through your paper. Seems the issue of Zimbabweans pushing for free and elections in Zimbabwe are being strongly resisted by ED Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF Mafia.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Rohr and Zimvigil delivered the petition to 10 Downing Street last week, of which I was part of the 6 pettioners who help delivered the petitioners. I posted one the pictures on my twitter account, the threats and abuse that I have received from Zanu PF thugs and Mafia is making me have sleepless nights. I am being threatening from left right and centre all for standing up free and fair elections!!!

While I believe in free speech and freedom of expression I am totally against Zanu Pf threats of violence and the extend of threatening my life if I ever  visit Zimbabwe. Seems Zanu PF has violence all over its DNA, one Zanu PF thug had the audacity to threaten me with 3 degree burns if I ever visit Zimbabwe. ED  Mnangagwa since you are also on social media what is your take on these threats, when your own life was threatened by your gang of thugs in Zanu PF you cried foul and ran away to SA through Mozambique.

We are fed up of Zanu Pf threatening and intimidating voices of dissent, ED Mnangagwa you have so much blood on your hands we will never forget more than 20 000 of our brother sister’s parents and grandparents you maimed and killed in Matebeleland. We know you were behind those killings as you used the  North Korean trained fith brigade that was under  your  command and Perence Shiri. We know you are a coup illegimate self-imposed President. We will do everything in our power to make sure that yourself  Zanu PF and anything to do with Zanu PF is gone come July 30. I do need to remind you want happened to your old geriatric dictator Mugabe. You used million’s of Zimbabweans who came out on the street to push for Dictator Mugabe to go for your own egoistic and bloody thirsty selfish ambitions ED Mnangagwa. We will not hesitate to go out in our millions on the street if you rig elections come 30 July.

We know you have already rigged and you have instructed your Zanu PF-appointed ZEC to deceive and hoodwink the Zimbabwean masses about voter’s role and who is printing the ballot paper. We also know that you have deployed the army in all the polling stations and you are giving the Observers the impression that all is well in these elections. The whole world should follow the bold decision by the USA of condemning ED tricks and not lifting the sanctions because they made empty promises about making sure the necessary reforms are implement before elections to allow for free and fair elections.

ED and your Zanu PF Mafia get to know that we are not fools and we will not be deceived by your coup mafia we are prepared to stop you and the time will be now. You have killed thousands of Zimbabweans in the previous elections violence and SADC in particular have let Zimbabweans down by not condemning your actions since you are all a league of Dictators. My simple message to you ED is that you will not silence us this time like we did to your old dictator we will be on the streets to drive you and anything to do with Zanu PF out !!!

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