Mnangagwa must stopped in his wicked abuse of children

Dear Unicef Harare Resident Representative,

Emmerson Mnangagwa

Unfortunately, the United Nations seems to ignore the abuse of children by Zanu PF. Now that the High Court has made a ruling to bar Zanu PF, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s party, from frog marching children to attend rallies addressed by Emerson Mnangagwa when Unicef had been paying a blind eye since the days of Robert Mugabe, now does Unicef Harare in particular, UNICEF Global and the entire United Nations system account for its role in preventing the political abuse of children?

As a 14 year old growing up in Chinhoyi, I used to enjoy attending Zanu PF rallies, back in the mid-1980s. I attended the rallies willingly, without being forced by anyone. I loved politics from that tender age, and it was good. I recall the speeches by the likes of the late Swithan Mombeshora, the late Provincial Governor Mudhomeni Chivende, Comrade Katyamaenza (not sure if he is still alive), the late Robison Manyika, the late Mayor Urimbo among others.

However, when the Mugabe regime started losing control, especially after the coming on to the political scene by the Tsvangirai led Movement for Democratic Change, Zanu PF started forcing people to support it, and this extended to forcing school children to attend its rallies, and indoctrinating children with political poison. It is unfortunate, Emerson Mnangagwa has continued on the Mugabe path in this regard. Shame on you Emerson Mnangagwa and your Zanu PF.

If Emerson Mnangagwa has really changed to what he wants people to believe, and if he was not aware that his officials were abusing children by forcing them to attend his rallies, then he must investigate those who were responsible, and heads must roll. Failure to do that, Emerson Mnangagwa has exposed himself for what he really is, that crocodile which sheds false tears.

The one thing that this should tell all Zimbabweans, the entire Zanu PF system is rotten and must go. Vote them out come 30 July 2018. Zimbabwe needs a new beginning.

My appeal to the United Nations, especially Unicef Harare Office, please monitor political parties’ rallies to ensure that school children are not forced to attend. It is very easy to tell when children are forced or have willingly attended a rally. When they attend willingly, they are joyful, as opposed to the children abused by Zanu PF who sometimes come with clothes in the bags as they are most of the times bused from far away districts as Mnangagwa wants to give a false impression that he has the support by showing off numbers at rallies.

While this an open letter that I have also sent to the media, I need an official response from Unicef on this, failure which I will make more noise in the media.

As I do not have Emmerson Mnangagwa’s email account, I have copied this email to the Speaker of Parliament and the Clerk of Parliament who I kindly request to forward my open letter to UNICEF to Comrade President.

Mnangagwa, please just STOP IT.

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