Stupid Chigumba must indeed resign

I wish the word going around on social media is true

Priscilla Chigumba

Dear Editor,

There is word doing the rounds on social media that Priscilla Chigumba is resigning. What a relief if she does. The woman is so arrogant she doesn’t deserve such a post.
She childishly tries to defend the decision to have the face of Emmerson Mnangagwa on an advantageous position on the ballot paper using the pretext that ZEC had to design the ballot paper in two columns because it would be cost effective – fair and fine, but that is not the question. The question is, when you divide 23 candidates into two columns, one column, preferably the first, should have 12 candidates, and the second column should have 11 candidates. To do otherwise is to do injustice to all the other candidates, and this should not be allowed to happen as it sets a very bad precedence. The ballot must just be re-printed, full stop, and if necessary, the elections pushed to a date that allows for the proper printing of the ballot paper.
There are many other reasons why Justice Chigumba should resign, but that abuse of Presidential candidates alone is a human rights abuse which she has to explain to the United Nations and other bodies concerned with human rights abuse issues, that is why apart from the media, I am directing this letter to the United Nations agencies in Harare.
Do the right thing and resign, rather that set a wrong and dangerous precedence Priscilla. Even a grade 4 child knows that 23 divided 2 is 12 remainder one. You have just proved that you are incompetent and do not deserve the post of Chairperson for the Zimbabwe Elections Commission.

I hope Mr. Jacob Mudenda can convey this message to President Mnangagwa for me.

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