What could help to prevent Zanu PF rigging

Dear United Nations,

I am encouraged by your recent remarks on political intimidation as Zimbabwe prepares for election, which you condemned as it does not augur well for free and fair elections.
You may also need to understand some of the tricks Zanu PF is trying to employ to steal the elections.
One strategy has been for Zanu PF supporters to go to the polling stations early and get the first positions on the voting queue. They have been instructed toi then slow down the process by taking too long to cast their vote, and also deliberately spoil the ballot paper so they can request for another ballot paper. Slowing down the process is aimed to ensuring that some opposition supporters and sympathisers may not be able to vote, and spoiling ballot papers is meant to exhaust the ballot paper stock so that the ballot papers run out before opposition voters have cast their votes. This strategy is countered by opposition parties also encouraging their supporters to get their supporters out early to vote too.
The other strategy they are contemplating to employ is to distribute fake Presidential ballot papers to their supporters who will bring these to the polling station hidden in pockets. Once in the booth, they intend to swap the forged Presidential ballots with the parliamentary and council ballot papers so that each person is casting three votes for President and ensure Emmerson Mnangagwa wins. This strategy is countered by alert opposition polling agents raising a red flag if they see voters holding the same colour ballot papers when they are supposed to be in different colours. All ballot papers deposited into the wrong box should be put aside so that their serial numbers are checked at the end of voting. The number of ballot papers for each election: Presidential, Parliamentary and Council elections should be checked at the end of voting and counting to establish if the same number of ballots have been used.
The people of Zimbabwe – let us keep all our eyes on the ball while the United Nations watches closely..

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