Mnangagwa, ZEC, and the United Nations should shoulder responsibility for Zimbabwean post-election shooting

Dear Editor,

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa 


On 25 July 2018 I wrote to the United Nations, addressing it to the United Nations Development Programme, UNIC and UNICEF and copied it the Zimbabwean Clerk of Parliament and the Zimbabwean Speaker of Parliament and requested that they forward it to Emmerson Mnangagwa as I did not have his email account. I attached a video footage of Willian Mutomba Jr, son of William Mutomba who went on to “win” the parliamentary seat of Buhera North. In the video footage, William Mutomba Jr, campaigning for his father, was fiercely threatening helpless villagers that the Zanu PF machinery knows there are 400 registered voters for the polling station near the meeting place, and he was able to identify who votes for the MDC Alliance, who will be dealt with after the election.

I did not expect a response from the United Nations, but what I expected was to see them take some measures to address the situation. So no one in the United Nations ever thought ahead about the possible consequences all these things could cause? Can the United Nations explain to the world what measures they took to prevent the chaos that has occurred? Importantly, what will the United Nations do now that the terrible things, which could have been avoided if it had spoken strongly against it such practices, has happened. It’s time the United Nations knows that prevention is better than cure, and the lives that have been lost at the hands of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government could have been saved. The call by the United Nations after the post election killings is too little too late, but it still has the opportunity to give a correct opinion of Mnangagwa, ZEC and the army’s actions before, during and after the elections.
Now, Emmerson Mnangagwa issues a statement blaming the MDC Alliance for aiding and abetting post-election chaos. Funnily, we never heard Emmerson Mnangagwa issue a statement against his lieutenants when they were terrorising innocent villagers and his Zanu PF youths  tortured a few MDC Alliance supporters. Emmerson Mnangagwa never raised a voice against his Minister Terrance Makupe who incited violence by saying the armed forces will not allow Nelson Chamisa to take over power if he wins elections. Emmerson Mnangagwa never issued a statement against War Veteran Victor Matemadanda when he was reigning havoc in Gokwe, threatening villagers. Emmerson Mnangagwa himself went on to encourage Chiefs and headman to cow the villagers into voting for Zanu PF, as correcting reported in The Herald of all places. How then, Emmerson Mnangagwa, do you expect people to respond to that. Please accept responsibility.

The world had already been told by Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ally, Josiah Hungwe, that Emmerson would shoot to retain power, so it does not come as a surprise that he instructed the army to come onto the scene and shoot people who were expressing their displeasure at the manner in which he and Priscillah Chigumba has colluded to steal the people’s victory. Hungwe made the statement when he was commissioning a $185 000 clinic constructed through Tongaat Hulett partnership with Chiredzi Rural District Council and the Gudo Community in May 2018 as Mnangagwa and his officials started using official opening of facilities as campaign platforms across the country. Mnangagwa did not utter a single word to rebuke his errant Hungwe.

As the results start coming up, we are now seeing surprising discrepancies such as Chiredzi North where the voters’ roll seems to indicate that there are 30688 registered voters, yet the number of votes for the Zanu PF ‘winning” candidate in the parliamentary contest
was 35893.  We have seen in the voters roll the same national identity number being used by more than one person and registered at different polling stations, and we know how this was an effort to compliment Zanu PF who we are aware have found a special soap that will clean the voting ink off the hands of voters, a trick they used in 2013  when Acie Lumumba was caught with thousands of voter registration slips which would be issued to Zanu PF supporters who would have voted and washed away the ink to vote again. Chigumba’s arrogance is a public record, so I will not go too much into what Emmerson Mnangagwa knows very well.
Human being naturally respond to oppression, and it is for Government to create an atmosphere that allows progress.

Kennedy Kaitano

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