OVERVIEW: Zimbabwe election result ‘fraudulent, illegal, illegitimate’, says opposition chief

Mnangagwa maintains that he won the election 16:10 ShareIcon In Brief: Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Nelson Chamisa on Friday insisted that he won the country’s landmark election, calling the official results “fraudulent, illegal, illegitimate and characterised by serious credibility gaps”. “We won this election and we are ready to form the next government,” Chamisa told a

Mnangagwa maintains that he won the election


In Brief:

Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Nelson Chamisa on Friday insisted that he won the country’s landmark election, calling the official results “fraudulent, illegal, illegitimate and characterised by serious credibility gaps”.

“We won this election and we are ready to form the next government,” Chamisa told a press conference, after President Emmerson Mnangagwa of the ruling Zanu-PF was declared victor with 50.8%of the vote. – AFP


Chamisa responds to question on Mugabe by saying he doesn’t know if he voted for him. His possible support doesn’t make him an ally


Chamisa says he would not attend Mnangagwa inauguration


On election results as well as SADC, Chamisa says Zimbabwe hasn’t known peace for 38 years. We are back to where we were in 2008


Question on SADC. Chamisa says he is in the process of engaging Cyril Ramaphosa


Chamisa refuses to say when they will be filing a court challenge only saying we have one of the finest legal teams in Africa


Chamisa refuses to reveal his strategy going forward. We must be transparent but we cannot be naked


Journalists are asking Chamisa to share proof of rigging and how he will “fight” Mnangagwa who has police and military on his side

Chamisa: You may think that. We have institutions that support the will of the people

He Continues with the claim that ZEC rigged results and refuses to allow them to verify


Questions and answer session now. A journalist asks what MDC makes of an independent tally by an NGO observer group which corroborates ZEC results.

Chamisa says he doesn’t know what the journalist is talking about. Sticks to his original figure. Has political reasons for not giving final figure


Nelson Chamisa addressing journalists in Harare. (Carien du-Plessis)


Chamisa: We do not believe in violence even if we have the capacity to resort to arms


Chamisa: We will pursue all legal and constitutional routes because Mnangagwa cannot form a government. Also appeals to international community to support “the credentials of democracy”


Chamisa: We are not accepting fake results. We want a proper result to be announced


Chamisa questions turn out rates which ZEC said was 75% for parliamentary results and 84% for presidential


Chamisa: When they announce at night they want to give you a darkness result. Their rigging was poor; Mugabe was at least sophisticated. Their numbers don’t even add up


Chamisa claims MDC results show he had 2.3 million votes and Mnangagwa under 2 million

That gives him 56% and Mnangagwa 44%


A camera falls from a window above, starling people. “Don’t worry we are covered by the Holy Ghost” Chamisa jokes


Chamisa says the “outgoing president” Mnangagwa must account for the violence by army


Chamisa: ZEC are very malleable and liberal with their futures. Says these don’t add up


Chamisa also mentions examples about what he claims are tampering to ballot boxes and the transport of ballots


Chamisa: They inflated Mnangagwa‘s vote, which is why they did not announce by constituency but by province


Chamisa: I hope Mnangagwa is open for the business of democracy and transparency


Mnangagwa must allow young men to do their job which they were elected to do


Chamisa: We want to advise Mr Mnangagwa if he is a born again let him honour his pledge for free and fair election. He must be honest and sincere


Chamisa: We are going to be challenging a number of election results. Already got advise on legality of results


Chamisa: the bar of an acceptable election result will not be lowered just for expediency


Chamisa addressing journalists (Carien du Plessis)


Chamisa: because we won this election we are ready to form this government


Chamisa: A misunderstanding characterised this election. Result is fraudulent and illegitimate


Chamisa claims another victim died last night from the army shooting protesters on Wednesday. This brings unconfirmed  death toll to 7


Chamisa: Mnangagwa did not win this election. MDC won the elections. We have a tally to prove it. Proper verification of results wasn’t done


Chamisa says there was some disappointment about reports that elections were free and fair


Chamisa thanks Zimbabweans for voting and being tolerant. It’s not easy. Even with their bastardizing we managed to score 2 million votes

He thanks journalists for the coverage


Chamisa: if you go around country there is no celebration. Today is a day of morning of a repeat of what we have seen in the past


Chamisa: Many of our people had been visited and interrogated for abiding in an election. The thank you we have been getting for taking part in election as law abiding citizens is a thank you of bullets, tanks, guns


Nelson Chamisa addressing journalists during a press conference in Harare. – Carien du Plessis


Chamisa: This is the behaviour of people who lost and not won an election


Chamisa greets journalists and calls this a turning point press conference. If police can do this with press conference, what more with ordinary people, he says. – Carien du Plessis


Zimbabwe’s president says the scenes of riot police dispersing journalists waiting for an opposition briefing “have no place in our society.

“President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Twitter says authorities are “urgently investigating” the events as journalists awaited opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, who has rejected the results of Monday’s election. – AP


Zimbabwean riot police with batons and shields are now leaving after breaking up a press conference by opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, who has alleged rigging of the presidential election.

Police chased away reporters without explanation but ruling party officials are now urging reporters to attend the briefing. There is no sign of Chamisa. – AP


MDC opposition leader Nelson Chamisa arrives at the Bronte Hotel in Harare for a press conference minutes after he was broken up by several dozen riot police armed with tear gas cannisters, as Zimbabwe’s opposition rejected today what it said were the “fake” results of landmark elections.


Earlier supporters gathered outside told journalists they were ready to shed blood for Chamisa. – Carien du Plessis 


Sibanda says he is just going to debrief now and ensure that he is safe – Carien du Plessis


Chamisa walks in to applause. Some supporters come in from outside with journalists. They are now singing – Carien du Plessis 


MDC spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda confirms to journalists now press conference is going ahead and Chamisa is now on his way – Carien du-Plessis


Journalists asked to go back into hotel now as police trucks are leaving. Carien du Plessis 


MDC supporters are now dancing and chanting around the police truck as police get on and then off again.

The public order act prohibits political gatherings. Police don’t seem to be acting. There is a host of local and international journalists on scene – Carien du Plessis 


“I’m told it was apparently a misunderstanding. Police claim to have thought this was a political gathering. Police had to be convinced that this was a press conference and we are now back inside the hotel grounds.” – Carien du Plessis


Zimbabwe anti-riot personnel arrive at The Bronte Hotel in Harare where international journalists and observers are gathered for a press conference by MDC leader Nelson Chamisa. (AFP)

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