Zimbabwe will be a lesson for the United Nations

Dear Editor,

In the run up to the Zimbabwean harmonised election, I gave warning after warning to the United Nations about Zanu PF’s dirty tricks – that was after I realised the United Nations Representative to Zimbabwe had fallen victim to Mnangagwa’s tricks to try to pretend to be a good man, and that Zimbabwe was on course to becoming a new dispensation. I am glad because the United Nations eventually realised that there was something fishy and started to address issues of Zanu PF intimidation shortly before the elections.
And as correctly observed by the United Nations about intimidation, in the rural areas where the observers shun, Zanu PF did exactly as they had planned to intimidate voters as they were forced to get their names ticked off in the Zanu PF rigging register as preached at a Zanu PF rally addressed by William Mutomba Junior in Buhera North, where he said any villager who did not have their name registered in that register would be dealt with after the elections (see video on the following link. Video covers first the violent shootings in Harare, but also the rural voting https://youtu.be/jtNEkRCJssc)
Now with the shootings that took place, with the shameless rigging that took place, and with video evidence of Zanu PF rigging, the United Nations needs to seriously watch the unfolding events.
A very interesting post election development worthy United Nations noting is the fact that Charity Charamba of the Zimbabwe Republic Police says the Police invited the army to help contain demonstrators, Emmerson Mnangagwa denies knowledge of who deployed the army, Vice President Constantine Chiwenga denies that the shooting victims were gunned down by the army, and goes on to try and force the families who lost their beloved ones to falsely confess that their beloved ones had died of knife stab wounds, to the extent of either forcing of bribing the doctors to write on the post-mortem reports that the victims died of knife stab wounds, and Deputy Minister of Finance Terrance Makupe says Government ordered the army to deal with the situation because they did not trust the police officers who they suspect voted for the MDC Alliance – what a shame the so-called “Government” is? Who can ever trust such a “Government”?
Enough is enough. Emmerson Mnangagwa should just walk away and leave Zimbabweans to be led by someone else, because in the time he has been in power since November 2017, he has proved not capable, but he is a cruel crocodile which pretends to shed tears to give an impression that it is concerned, when he actually enjoys people’s suffering as long as it gets him power.
Down with Mnangagwa; Down with Chiwenga, Down with Priscilla Chigumba, Down with Terrence Mukupe, Down with Zanu PF.

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