Listening President Emmerson Mnangagwa must give Zimbabwe’s “first ambassadors” their voting rights

Dear Speaker Jacob Mudenda,

Speaker, Jacob Mudenda

Soon after his appointment, Foreign Affairs minister Comrade Sibusiso Moyo made  some very encouraging remarks that Zimbabweans living in the diaspora are the country’s first ambassadors. That makes a lot of sense.The Diaspora Zimbabweans a make a lot of contribution to the national economy.
With such positive remarks by Comrade Moyo, we expect that when he opens Parliament on 20 September 2018, Comrade Mnangagwa should include the Diaspora vote as one of the major issues that have to be addressed in the next session of Parliament.
Before the elections earlier this year, Comrade Mnangagwa himself told Zimbabweans in various countries he visited, including Botswana, Namibia and Rwanda that it was too late to put in place mechanisms for the Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to vote, but that that was to be looked into after the elections. Now that the elections are over, work must start with immediate effect to put in place those mechanisms that will enable the Diaspora Zimbabweans to vote.
A look around other countries shows that Rwandas in the Diaspora votes in the country’s recent election, and our neighbours Botswana and South Africa are currently registering their citizens in the Diaspora to vote in elections in those countries in 2019.
Zimbabweans living outside the country will be surprise if no mention is made regarding their voting in future elections
I call upon you, as Speaker of Parliament, to play a key role in ensuring that all that is needed to have the people of Zimbabwe living outside the country to vote in 2023.

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