Responsible Gaming in Kenya Remains a Pressing Issue

Sports betting in Kenya was discovered to be the most popular in the entire continent.

According to a recent Geopoll survey, Kenyan youths are showing a growing interest in sports betting, leading to the country topping the list of sports betting activities while Uganda and Kenya followed in second and third place.

While this can only be a positive thing for gambling operators looking to target the African continent, there is also a growing need for the country’s Gambling Authority to step up and take a firmer stance when it comes to educating the young generation about practicing responsible gaming.

Unfortunately, the fact that a bigger demographic is catching onto this form of gambling has yet to correspond to a similar trend in terms of regulation. While Kenya did recently implement a set of regulations to be followed by gambling operators, they are still not being enforced or followed adequately.

This has led to a huge illegal online gaming industry together with unlicensed land-based sportsbook operators too. Among their transgressions, accepting wagers from underage gamblers tops the list along with a lack of restrictions in place to prevent and reduce problem gambling.

Additionally, Kenya’s younger generation is so enticed by the allure of online gambling simply because they are looking for an easy way to make large amounts of money quickly. This comes down to the lack of proper employment, widespread poverty and overall low awareness of the dangers of online gaming that has led so many operators to take advantage of vulnerable Kenyan youths.

It’s high time that the Kenyan government followed in the footsteps of other countries and started to implement more adequate measures to enforce regulations and make responsible gambling a priority as well as cracking down on those operators who are in breach of such regulations.

How Do Online Betting Platforms Promote Responsible Gaming?

Here’s a few ways that operators are boosting their efforts to incorporate responsible gaming onto their sites, so you know what to look out for. If an operator does not provide these functions, it’s probably a sign you should take your online gaming elsewhere.

Most operators will provide their customers with the following tools:

Session and Betting Limits

This option is for players who are having trouble controlling how much money and time they are spending on online gambling. By setting deposit, session and wagering limits on your account, operators help their customers to limit their spending and reduce overall losses.

Reality Checks

There are also additional measures which can be put in place on an online gambling platform to remind players how long they have spent on a site and how much they have bet, won or lost. Gameplay usually stops when this information is displayed and only resumes once players have acknowledged them.

Self Exclusion

This is the ultimate step in shutting down a gambling problem since it allows you to ‘freeze’ your account either temporarily or permanently. Self-excluded players will be banned from accessing any games, while any remaining funds will be able to be manually withdrawn upon request. No marketing or promotional material will be sent to self-excluded players.

No Promotion of Gambling to Minors

Gambling companies are restricted from promoting and advertising to persons under the legal age of 18 years. They also do not allow minors to create member accounts to prevent underage betting at all costs.

Data Security

Online gambling sites are also required to protect their customers’ sensitive personal and banking data from hackers and third parties. They generally do this by implementing rigorous encryption measures across their site as well as other security tools.

What You Can Do as a Player to Gamble Responsibly

There are also a couple of steps you can take yourself to ensure that your online gambling remains nothing more than a fun hobby without getting out of control. Here’s our checklist to exercising self awareness when it comes to online gambling.

  • Gamble for entertainment not as a way to make money
  • Only wager amounts of money which you can afford to lose
  • Decide on a timeframe for online gambling and do not exceed it
  • In no circumstances should you fall into debt in order to get more gambling money
  • Do not gamble under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Do not let gambling affect your work or family life
  • If you are hiding the fact that you gamble, you may already have a problem

If you believe that you are currently experiencing a gambling problem or addiction, please reach out to an organisation like GamCare to seek the assistance you require to help overcome it. You will be provided with a number for a helpline as well as free counselling services. Remember, addiction is a serious issue which should never be ignored.

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