Professor Lumbe’s murderers walking scot free despite Mnangagwa’s order

Despite President Emmerson Mnangagwa having ordered the police to act swiftly on the case of the murder of two year old, Professor Lumbe who was killed by alleged Zanu PF activists in Glendale on June 9, 2018, no arrests have been made to date.


(File Picture) Police carry the body of Professor Lumumbe in Glendale


Lumbe was murdered following threats to his father by known Zanu PF activists who accused him of ditching the ruling party to join the opposition. The Zanu PF activists are alleged to have openly declared that by joining the opposition, Professor’s father was risking his family.

After Professor’s death, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) also pledged to bring the culprits to book.
After an inquiry by Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition in July 2018, the ZRP indicated that they would be issuing a statement on the case but nothing has come out up to date.


Professor’s father, Rambai Lumbe is slowly losing faith that the culprits of his son’s gruesome murder will face justice. What has made his situation worse is that he is living in fear that the culprits will strike again especially given the fact that there is no action from the law enforcement agents.
For fear of his life, Mr Lumbe has since relocated to another area. “There is nothing that the police have done so far. I am still waiting for updates from the police but I am quite surprised that such a serious case takes this long and no suspect has been apprehended,” said Lumbe.

He added, “I am abused everyday by ZANU-PF activists who always visit my house threatening me that if I continue supporting the opposition I will die the same way my son died. I am now worried about the safety of my family.”

The case of Professor Lumbe exposes the partisan nature of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) who are often swift to act against opposition activists yet they choose to fold their arms when Zanu PF thugs go on the rampage. It also exposes the lack of will on the political leadership in as far as curbing political violence and ensuring a peaceful and tolerant nation is concerned.

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