WATCH: Zimbabweans queue kilometres for petrol

Zimbabweans are having to queue for hours on end simply to get petrol for their vehicles, as the country's economic and political crisis worsens.

In two videos that have gone viral online, cars can be seen backed up for kilometres waiting for their turn at the pumps.

One video was shot in Karoi, about 200km northwest of Harare.

The Zimbabwean Minister of Energy, Dr Joram Gumbo, on Monday told state-run Heraldnewspaper that petrol consumption had gone up by 100% in the past four months.

“The country is at the moment consuming 4 million litres of diesel up from 2.5 million litres a week while 3 million litres of petrol is being pumped, up from 1.5 million litres per week,” he said.

Gumbo said the recent business boom and less stringent regulations on car imports had impacted the demand for fuel.

The price of petrol in Zimbabwe was currently $1.47 (R20.88) a litre.

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