Zimbabwe crush Sudan in round 7 of the Chess Olympiad in Batumi

After going down in round 6 to Nigeria by 2.5-1.5 Zimbabwe came back fighting tooth and nail against Sudan in round 7.

The team comprising of Emerald Mushore the current national champion on board one, Zhemba Jemmuse on board two, Spencer Spoon Masango and Elisha Thabo on board four. The International Master Rodwell Makoto rested after failing to hold on against Nigeria. He wanted to force a win in a drawn position when he played f5 letting his castle to be trapped by a simple e3.

The game had many Zimbabweans upset as they expected something better than this. They thought that the tactician had a better way of swindling his opponent but alas he was to make a mistake that costed his rook and the game. After investing his attacking prowess the Master had an oversight of the e3 pawn move which was to trap the castle.

However today in round seven the players had all the ideas and the power to convert after just falling short by a single point. Mushore converted his game in an interesting fashion capturing the castle after forking his opponent in an interesting duel. Zhemba was at one time under immense pressure but managed to hold on for a draw against an opponent who had two passed pawns on the a and b files which were marching for promotion. He played very well as he managed to pull a trigger and forced a draw by perpetual check. After producing an exciting win against Fide Master Daniel Annuwali of Nigeria yesterday, he continued with the fine run and drew another game. Spencer Masango who is known for his end game prowess played a very pulsating end game in which he sacrificed his Bishop on the H-file which the opponent refuted.

The results were still disastrous whether to take or not. He converted and Zimbabwe led 2.5-1.5 after the three players had finished. It was the duty of Elisha Thabo whether to increase the tally or to leave it at 2.5-1.5. He actually increased the tally when he converted a game that was so fascinating with an attack that created an outside passed pawn which was not stoppable. The ladies today lost to Scotland 3-1. Nomalungelo Mathe was the only winner in the ladies section as the others fell in this round. However it was the sixth round that made the ladies smile after they defeated Pamana 3-1 in their fixture. Tomorrow they play round 8. All the best to the ladies and gentlemen who are carrying the national flag of Zimbabwe.

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