Zimbabwe won a pulsating game at the chess Olympiads

They narrowly defeated a strong team named ICCD

Zimbabwe won a pulsating game at the chess Olympiads they narrowly defeated a strong team named ICCD.  On board one International Master Rodwell Makoto played against Grand Master Gruenfeld Yehuda whose rating is 2418 and is from Israel. Makoto played the Gruenfeld against Gruenfeld and he won the pulsating game which had some passed pawns countering each other.

Makoto’s passed pawns marched on first before his opponent’s pawns. Makoto won his game on board one in a very interesting fashion. Mushore Emerald the current National Champion won another beauty of a game on board two while his compatriot Spencer Masango lost on board three.

Elisha Thabo played on board four and saved the team on his decider by a perpetual check which earned the team half a point. Ventually Martin Lewis dispatched the experienced Spencer Masango in a pulsating game.

Eventually, Zimbabwe won 2.5-1.5 in round nine. The team lost in round 8 against the Cuban team. International Master Rodwell Makoto was the only player who salvaged a draw against Grand Master Bacallao. A.


Bo. 103   ICCD (ICCD) Rtg 110   Zimbabwe (ZIM) Rtg 1½:2½
53.1 GM
Gruenfeld, Yehuda
2418 IM
Makoto, Rodwell
2338 0 – 1
Varezhkin, Viktor
Mushore, Emarald Takudzwa
2152 0 – 1
Martin, Lewis
Masango, Spencer
2121 1 – 0
Jankunas, Tomas
Elisha, Thabo
2024 ½ – ½


The ladies drew their match against Honduras. The detailed results are listed below.

Bo. 93   Honduras (HON) Rtg 112   Zimbabwe (ZIM) Rtg 2 : 2
Cruz, Bitia
Wakuruwarewa, Colletta
1577 1 – 0
56.2 WFM
Ortiz, Katherine Berenice
Makwena, Christine
1626 ½ – ½
Garcia, Marcella
1755 WCM
Zengeni, Paidaishe
1528 ½ – ½
Garcia, Andrea Nicole
Nomalungelo, Mathe
1577 0 – 1

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