Chamisa leads the nation in planting trees

President Nelson Chamisa will tomorrow lead the nation in planting trees as part of the MDC’s national Smart Councils Environment Day, with 300 trees expected to be planted tomorrow in Norton.

Nelson Chamisa (File: AFP)

The MDC has adopted the 1st of December which is the National Tree Planting day, as its National Smart Councils Environment Day to motivate the people across the country to plant and conserve trees; to take the initiative and enlighten people and the nation on the importance of forests and woodland resources, and enhance household food security.

The MDC Local government strategy is enunciated through the Party’s Smart PRIDES Agenda, which stands for Participation, Reform, Innovation/Integrity, Development/devolution, Environment and Services, to ensure Local Authorities deliver sustainable, quality service to residents in all MDC run councils.

Starting this weekend into next week, all MDC run councils will be planting trees as well as encouraging citizens to plant a tree in their environments to ensure the protection and conservation of our country’s environment, be it wet lands, forests, water bodies and everything pertaining to greening and sustainability agenda, as well as raise awareness on the importance to take care of our environments.

Hon Sesel Zvidzai
Secretary for Local Government and Devolution

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