Chamisa on National Tree-Planting day

Fellow Zimbabweans,

MDC President Nelson Chamisa Leads the Nation in Planting Trees in Norton.

This Saturday of December we have taken time to commemorate and be part of a national effort and indeed global duty to plant trees for the good of our environment, the earth and it’s future.

Today, I was in Norton to plant what I termed ‘the New Zimbabwe Democracy tree’. We aim to plant two million trees annually until 2026 and even beyond. All our cities, towns, villages and communities must be climate smart making Zimbabwe a wholly GREEN country by 2026

We have taken time today, together with leaders of our Party of excellence, the MDC and leaders representing various organisations to lead by example and call upon our people to promote this day it would by also planting trees in their communities.

I urge tree planting as a habit and a culture by all Zimbabweans. It has potential to be replicated by other citizens elsewhere. I am urging Zimbabweans to each plant a tree for democracy, for peace, for love and for harmony with the environment.

Planting trees is an attitude of gratitude to the Creator, God The Almighty who gave us the precious fiduciary duty to exercise judicious stewardship over over HIS creations. Indeed, planting trees is our gift to the future and next generations.

Planting a tree is a pledge and a commitment to environmental peace for years to come. It is vital to note that planting trees and the patience of growing a tree is the same as building a functional democracy.

In this era of global warming and climate change, trees play an important role in creating buffers against the possible effects of climate change.

As a SMART government, we believe that climate change is real, and we must all take responsibility for mitigating against its effect.

Trees contribute to the environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, climate amelioration, sequestering carbon, protecting biodiversity, preventing soil erosion and supporting wildlife.

Despite worldwide efforts and undertaking to reduce emissions, we continue to live in the age of excessive carbon dioxide due to industrialisation and technological inventions. It is therefore critical, more than ever, that we appreciate the role of trees in reducing some of the excess carbon dioxide out of the air.

A clean environment is important for the wellbeing and good health of a nation. A healthy people is a happy nation.

As we strive for a better country, let us all remember that we have a very beautiful climate that is the envy of the world. Let us take advantage of this God-given endowment to save the world and support both national and global initiatives towards protecting our earth.

Trees remain an important source of energy and a pillar of livelihoods in our developing country. It is therefore imperative that with every tree that falls for a useful purpose, another must be planted for the preservation of the environment.

Fellow Zimbabweans, I would like to thank you all for the effort you make in building a SMART environment. All our cities, towns, villages and communities must be climate smart. We must make Zimbabwe a wholly green country by 2026.

This day is indeed such an important day on our calendar. I am quite aware of the challenges we are going through as a nation and do not take lightly the sacrifice you have made to find time and participate in tree planting. I would like to assure you that real change is coming. Let us all become the change we want to see.

This change must begin with taking charge of our environment to protect and preserve it.

The constitution of Zimbabwe,  section 73 gives certain fundamental environmental rights and obligations. At law, the State must take reasonable legislative and other measures, within the limits of the resources available to it, to achieve the progressive realisation of the rights set out in this section.

Authorities and parliament need to show seriousness by enacting legislation to criminalise the destruction of wetlands and the indiscriminate cutting down of trees. Stiffer enough penalties to the offenders. We need sustainable afforestation projects.

Across the country, the Tobacco industry must recover but not at the cost of the environment. Tobacco farmers must invest in solar to save our trees.

Together and united, A CLIMATE SMART environment is possible.

I thank you.

God bless Zimbabwe. God Bless you.

Nelson Chamisa
MDC President

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