Plot to ban NGOs for political reasons evil

As Killer Zivhu and Obadiah Musindo’s NGOs are spared

Kazembe Kazembe

Emmerson Mnangagwa’s recent threats to ban some Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) is nothing but a move to silence discerning voices against human rights abuses by the current illegitimate regime, despite all promises by Emmerson Mnangagwa that he is a listening President.

My advice to Kazembe Kazembe and his boss Emmerson Mnangagwa is that they should stop this evil intention because it causes a further deterioration of the country’s economic situation as the illegitimate regime further loses credibility in the eyes of the international community, neutral Zimbabwe both living in Zimbabwe and abroad, people who are benefiting from the operations of the targeted NGOs and of cause the opposition parties who will find a new weapon with which to attack the regime.

There are NGOs such as the Cross Border Association fronted by Killer Zivhu and Obadiah Musindo’s Destiny of Africa Network which have been bankrolled by the broke Government to openly campaign for Zanu PF during elections. These are the NGOs which should be banned, not neutral NGOs which speak against malpractices of any form, whether they are sponsored by the illegitimate Government, the ruling party or the opposition.

For the avoidance of doubt, Mnangagwa should publicly list the NGOs which he thinks are dabbling in partisan politics and should therefore should be banned, and if the Cross Border Association of Zimbabwe and Destiny of Africa Network are found missing from that list, it becomes too obvious that his is a mere ploy to silence the opposition ahead of the the 2013 elections, especially as Paul Mangwana, who is known very well for revealing Zanu PF’s dirty strategies which use the army, the police force and the courts among other instruments to suppress the opposition, has confirmed in an interview with the Voice of America, that Zanu PF has already started campaigning for the 2023 elections, contradicting his bosses Constantine Chiwenga and Emmerson Mnangagwa who have tried to mislead the world by statements that we should forget about politics post-election and concentrate on developing the country. Mangwana’s exposure proves that Zanu PF does not care about the welfare of the ordinary Zimbabweans, and only want to cling on to power at all costs.

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