Namibian civil society appeal to SADC to restore peace & the rule of law in Zim


Soldiers patrolled as people gathered in Harare, Zimbabwe, on Tuesday to protest a steep increase in fuel prices.CreditCreditTsvangirayi Mukwazhi/Associated Press

We, the Namibian Civil Society Organizations under the auspices of Namibia Non-Governmental Organization Forum Trust hereby call upon Your Excellency to use your authority and power as SADC Chairman to intervene on the Zimbabwean deteriorating political situation without further delays.

Since the general election held on 30th July 2018, Zimbabwean citizens have not experienced peace in their own motherland. The country has gone through political turmoil and upheavals which led to violence aggravated by the heavy presence of the security apparatus mostly armed soldiers in the streets.  We believe Zimbabwean situation demands your immediate involvement in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe to protect their human rights and bring about peace and security for all.

This delicate but necessary assignment will require greater conviction and commitment to the principles, objectives and undertakings of SADC which you took an oath to protect without fear or favor.

Under these principles, SADC and its member states pledged to act within the purview of sovereign equality, solidarity, peace and security, human rights, democracy and the rule of law, equity, balance and mutual benefit and peaceful settlement of disputes.

We have reason to believe that what is happening in Zimbabwe is because of the leadership’s departure from these principle and ideals and the manifestation of a militant authoritarian rule insensitive to the plight of Zimbabwean citizens.

This is unacceptable and inhuman given the volatile profile of Zimbabwe’s political situation and landscape which dates back to president Robert Mugabe’s administration.

We are gravely concerned about the cost of living for ordinary Zimbabweans which has been exacerbated by the increase in prices of commodities, in particular, the fuel price. Innocent defenceless Zimbabweans have been brutally murdered in the violence that was sparked by this senseless and self-serving fuel prices and this need to be condemned in the strongest terms. We cannot continue to sit back and watch our brothers and sisters suffering under the mistaken hope that one-day things will normalize by themselves.

We trust that our humble request will be granted preferential treatment and urgency expressing our interest to support you as always, in crafting a lasting peace solution in collaboration with our Zimbabwean civil society and its alliances.

Endorsed by;

  1. Council of Churches in Namibia (CCN)
  2. Forum for the Future (FFF)
  3. Namibia Network of AIDS Service Organizations (NANASO)
  4. Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)
  5. Labour Resource and Research Institute (LARRi
  6. Trade Union Congress of Namibia (TUCNA)
  7. National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW)
  8. Namibia Development Trust (NDT)
  9. Legal Assistance Center (LAC)
  10. Katutura Youth Enterprise Center (KAYEC)
  11. National Youth Council (NYC)
  12. Namibia National Students Organisation (NANSO)
  13. Breaking the Walls of Silence  (BWS)
  14. Citizens for Accountable and Transparent Society (CATS)
  15. Namibian Association of CBNRM Support Organizations (NCSO)
  16. Women’s Action for Development (WAD)
  17. Namibia Diverse Women’s Association (NDWA)
  18. Outright Namibia (ORN)
  19. Genderlinks Namibia
  20. Women’s Solidarity
  21. !Nara Training Center
  22. Domestic Workers Union

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