The “God shall fix it conspiracy”

In this short article I write regarding the proliferent expressions amongst social media users where they fully dedicate, in appearances at the least their fate to a “God” who watches over them and solves their problems as and when required.

Controversial as it may sound, I believe people have taken their faith in God to a level that smacks not only of hypocrisy and irresponsibility in the first place but also is largely not fully articulated vis a vis the realities of ethereal existence in the second.

Regardless of religious orientations and beliefs, I am sure many of us agree that the basis of such attitudes to a large extent emanate from literal works of scripture from a scribe or groups of scribes whose origins and motivations we cannot fully comprehend especially in the context of their era. In some cases, we also have non-scripture-based cults whose sole source of religious guidance ordinarily tend to be some “enlightened” guru who for all purposes and intents appear to draw not only inspiration but also instruction from a source which us ordinary folks typically have no access to.

Whilst I lay no claim to being a reader (and I say this in the most academic sense) nor an apprentice of theology or philosophy for that matter, many of us especially Zimbabweans of a fairly ripe age may recall the attempts our erstwhile president, “The Honourable” Comrade Canaan Banana made in his pursuit for the amendment of the Christian bible.

I quote verbatim from S.A. Reed “Critique of Canaan Banana’s call to rewrite the Bible”; ‘The Case for a New Bible’ in which he argues that the Christian Bible…

‘should be rewritten so that it can be relevant for people in postcolonial societies. Banana is concerned that there are oppressive texts in the Bible that continue to be used by people to legitimise the oppression of others. He argues that these texts should be removed. Banana is also concerned that the Bible contains revelation which relates to only one people and that religious experiences of other peoples ought to be added to the Bible.’

Perhaps not so apparent within this statement is the idea that whilst we need some form of “guide to harmonious social existence and happiness factor” manuscript on one hand, on the other, we should also have checks and balances to ensure such that the manuscript is not the basis of neither iniquity, nor frivolous claim.

Perhaps some of you reading have already made the conclusion that the writer does not believe in God; and the keyword is “believe”. If you by any chance are one of those people, then I suggest you continue reading prior to making any hasty conclusions and whilst you are at it, it may be worthwhile to chronologically revisit your existence, assess your existence and objectively analyse the factors which got you where you are in life.

Insomuch as some tend to believe that “Ndini ndine yese” The “be it and end all”, existence, of which ironically, we found awash with in and around us at our unbeknown point of conscious awareness, none of us dead or alive have had the omnipotence of creating a single atom, electron, quantum particle of existence nor a single wave of reality. We marvel at our creations such as the computer, Baj Kalif, the jet etc. But what we really are is “ana mucheka dzafa”; the Johnny come lately’s who are busy piggy backing on natural phenomena whilst manipulating that which we found here and indeed are also part and parcel of. We are akin to a scribble on a piece of paper wondering if there is really a scribe and argues that if the scribbling does not make sense then there is no scribe.

Then there is also this lynch mob who reason, “Aaah well, I found all these things here, someone must have made them and me, well since I could hear I was told it’s God and since I could read, I read that it was God ‘who done it’. “Well this guy is so great and if I can just believe in him, kneel and tell him my heart’s desires … presto… he does his magic”. We then go to church every church day and abrogate all responsibility to him whilst we salivate for our wishes to materialise. So, you hear words like, “with God, nothing is impossible”, “God walks with me” and all such wishful thinking statements. News flash ladies and gentlemen!! God is on holiday!!!

I posit that to find God you need to live like God, and it means by making things happen just like God. God is kind… be kind. God does not show off … don’t show off… God forgives the sinners… forgive those who you perceive to do wrong against you and others, God does not do my “cupcake is be bigger than yours”., “handiwe une yese”, you do not have a cupcake.

Abide with me and I shall abide in you

If with God everything is possible, it needs to start by everything being possible with you. God is not your slave!!!!!!!!!!

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