ZimJustice unveils new conditions in order to assist more workers

The Zimbabwe Network for Social Justice (ZimJustice) has unveiled new conditions so as to enable it to assist more unfairly treated workers in their quest for justice.

ZimJustice, which is a network of the country’s social justice lawyers and activists who provide legal assistance to those unfairly treated – especially workers and former workers, had to untake these ¬†changes in order to cater for more people, as this would ensure better service provision.

The new conditions, will enable for the network to recruit more legal practitioners and activists – a challenge that had dogged it since its inception three years ago.

These new conditions are envisioned to be more attractive to legal practitioners and activists – who will handle all cases of those unfairly treated.

A major challenge that had been facing ZimJustice was the lack of lawyers prepared to handle cases – especially, those related to labour, as they were not prepared to offer their services for free (pro bono) – due to these being time consuming and costly.

The new conditions for all those unfaily treated workers seeking assistance from ZimJustice are as follows:

*ZimJustice’s* legal partners *DO NOT* charge clients before their cases are handled.

*IF* the clients’ case is *WON*, then the legal partners will require a *small percentage of the clients’ final settlement* (which would have been agreed upon before the commencement of litigation).

*IF* the clients’ case is *LOST*, then *NOTHING* is required from the clients.

However, *ZimJustice* does require an initial *admin fee* of only *$20 bond* before the clients’ case is referred to our legal partners for litigation.

Should the prospective clients agree with these terms and conditions, they can deposit the *admin fee* with *ZimJustice* in any of the following accounts: *0782283975 (EcoCash)*, OR *0715667700 (OneMoney)*, OR *5888 9230 0615 5054 (CABS)*.

After confirmation of the deposit, the clients’ case will then be referred to *ZimJustice* legal partners, thereafter meetings will be held with the clients in preparation for commencement of litigation.

All those workers or former workers who would require ZimJustice to handle their cases of unfair treatment may contact the network on the following: call/WhatsApp: +263715667700, or calls ONLY: +263782283975, or email:¬†[email protected].

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