Cyclone Idai devastates Manicaland

Incessant rains and strong winds that have hit Manicaland Province, since 14 March to date, especially the Chimanimani and Chipinge districts, have left huge trails of disaster.


Chipinge East Member of Parliament, Hon Mateo Mlambo, has reported that more 40 houses have been destroyed by the cyclone.

The deaths of two young boys trapped by sliding rocks at St Charles Lwamba school in Chimanimani have been confirmed.

In light of the level of devastation in the two adjacent districts of Chipinge and Chimanimani this figure, unfortunately, is expected to rise.

We have also received reports of bridges that have been swept away in Nedziwe, Gonzoni, Kurwaisimba, Copper and Tanganda among many places.

In Mutare, the slum dwellings in Federation, Gimboki and Mahalapi area have borne the brunt of the cyclone with incoming reports indicating that more than 50 houses have been razed to the ground.

In the city of Mutare tree branches and trees have fallen, blocking roads making passage difficult and dangerous.

In light of this phenomenon we encourage citizens:

1) not to attempt to cross flooded rivers,
2) keep indoors if the structure is on high ground and strong. If not, they must move to stronger structures on higher ground.
3) to keep themselves warm and dry
4) keep together
5) if in a team, to save cellphone batteries by using one phone and switching off the others so that they have communication backup.

We are appealing to the government of Zimbabwe, NGOs, fellow citizens and all other well wishers to please mobilise resources and come to the rescue of those affected by this climate change disaster. Help required is in the form of medicines, food, clothing, blankets, tents and evacuation means for those marooned.

Building materials for the reconstruction of damaged structures is going to be required in the aftermath of the cyclone.

Manicaland needs help.
Zimbabwe needs help.
Humanity needs help.

Please come to our aid.

MDC: Defining a New Course for Zimbabwe.

Hon Trevor JL Saruwaka
MDC Manicaland Spokesperson
WhatsApp +263772713547

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