Mushore wins 2019 Easter open

Zimbabwe Easter Open came to a close on the 21st of April 2019 at Causeway post Office Canteen. There was a lot of fighting chess from the ladies and gentlemen.Candidate Master  Emarald Mushore won the Open Section with 7 points out of 8 games played.

He won six games and drew two games against Vitalis Mapuranga  and Tapiwa Chikwavaire. These are the only players who salvaged some draws against the invincible Mushore who was among the best players of the tournament. When Mushore met Elisha Thabo he won in a pulsating game which was very sharp edged.Zhemba Jemusse played his final round game against Vitalis Mapuranga in a very tightly contested endgame in which Zhemba won the game from a subtle position which needed a lot of tactical maneuvers.

Elisha Thabo played against Cyril Chigodo in the final round in which he won tying for the first position but second on head to head as well as buccholz. Garamukanwa Makomborero of Highfield 2 High School was the best scholar with 6 points out of 8 games played. He defeated a fellow Scholar Tinodaishe Tayengwa of Seke 4 High School. Zhemba Jemusse was thid with 6.5 points followed by a four way tie on six points Garamukanwa Makomborero Chikwavaire Tapiwa, Chikeya Isaiah, and Maketo Albert getting up to 7th position.

Mugove Muririma, Musekiwa Michael, Mapuranga Vitalis, Roy Mwadzura and Cyril Chigodo completed the list of winners in the main prize. They had 5.5/ 8 games played. Isaiah Chikeya of Prince Edward School was the second best Scholar after Makomborero Garamukanwa of Highfield 2 High School. The Ladies Section was won by Linda Shaba who had 6.5 /8 games. Although she lost her final game to Rhoda Masiyazi she managed to win the tournament just like that. Masiyazi Rhoda came second half a point behind the winner.

Colleta Wakuruwarehwa and Makwena Christine all had 6 points. Chikwavaire Tanaka was the best Scholar with 5.5 points out of 8 games played followed by Zimbili Panashe of Chipindura who also had the same number of points. WCM Charinda Kudzanai had a bad tournament as she failed to win the tournament only managing 5.5 points not as expected of her. Muponda Nyarai caused a lot of stir as she managed to hold her own against seasoned players in the mold of Colleta Wakuruwarehwa, WCM Kudzanai Charinda, and Chikwavaire Tanaka all had draws against this upcoming player.

She however blew a chance against Colletta in a seemingly won position which she agreed to a draw in a tightly contested game. The girl has a lot of potential for sure as she was able to hold her own against some seasoned chess players of repute during the tournament.

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