So Obert Gutu would rather dine with Gukurahundist Mnangagwa than live in an MDC

It is a known fact that you hate your former party, the MDC to the bone, but to say you would rather share a table with Emmerson Mnangagwa who boasted about the killing of innocent, defenceless civilians, but cannot live in Zimbabwe if it is under the leadership of an MDC leader, then it becomes very obvious that you have been smoking something very dangerous to your health.

Obert Gutu

Slow down Obert, every other sane Zimbabwean would wish for the quickest removal of Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu PF from the throne, yet you judge the MDC worse than Zanu PF. How many Zimbabweans did Zanu PF kill, including those who were killed in the election that saw you appointed into Government as Deputy Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs of Zimbabwe, let alone those who were killed during Gukurahundi.

Good luck in your glossing over of the atrocities committed by Zanu PF, in which your new friend Emmerson Mnangagwa played a crucial role, and still refuses to apologise for the key role he played in ensuring that thousands of people from Matebeleland were killed.

Good luck on your blooming political career.

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