The MDC condemns the attack on women by powerful politicians

Zanu PF deputy President Kembo Mohadi is reported to have attacked his former wife Sen Tambudzani Mohadi mafia style.

Kembo Mohadi

Mohadi was clearly a law unto himself enforcing his interests with the force of the level of the kul klux klan. This behaviour is unacceptable in a modern democratic society.

The issue of property is a civil matter, the judiciary is mandated to resolve disputes of that nature.

Mohadi knows that he is supposed to raise his concerns through the courts.

For a person who was a traditional Minister of Home Affairs, he cannot claim to be ignorant of what procedure demands.

In fact, we blame him for breeding a culture of partisanship in the service during his long tenure at the helm of the police.

The law is clear on the obligations of spouses on dissolution of their marriages.

He cannot be allowed to violate the rights of a defenseless woman by wreaking havoc at her home including using an axe and threatening to shoot her as reported in the daily papers.

The Constitution in section 51 states that “Every person has inherent dignity in their private and public life, and the right to have that dignity respected and protected.”

More importantly there is no one who is above the law, the Constitution binds everyone, including the State and the executive.

Reports are that Mohadi attacked Sen Tambudzani in full view of members of the Police.

The fact that he had guts to harass someone in front of potential witnesses and law enforcement points out to the fact that the Zimbabwean State on a broader scale has been captured by very dangerous individuals.

We demand that action be taken against Mohadi, everyone must stand up in protection of rights of women, in this case, they were clearly violated.

Allegations of malicious damage of property and deaths threats must be investigate if they are not investigated it encourages the violation of the Zimbabwean constitution.

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Jacob Mafume
MDC National Spokesperson

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