Zim govt must set a remembrance day for 1896-1897 Matabele and Shona rebellion

It would be a noble idea to honour those who fought in the Matabele and Shona rebellion in 1896-1897. The rebellions in question are correctly known as  'Umvukela WaMaNdebele’ (in lsiNdebele)  or ‘First Chimurenga’(in Shona language).

This important day must be put in our national calendar so that we all observe it. That day must be a day of remembrance and also a day of celebrating the courage of our people for fighting for their self-determination.

The aforementioned war was fought against the British South African Company(imperialists). As a nation and their descendants, we are all indebted to our forefathers whose blood was shed for a worthy cause. We, therefore, urge our chiefs to petition for this to happen as soon as possible. The chiefs are the custodians of our traditions(cultural norms and values.)

And we ask our government to honour our heroes and heroines upon the submission of that petition. Alternatively, the government can do that without any petition from our chiefs. ln other countries such an event is celebrated. It could be more ideal if that day is the 17th of April and on the 18th of April we continue with the usual celebrations of our independence day.

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