A demand on improvement of water quality & availability

Community Water Alliance is greatly saddened by the ineffectiveness of City of Harare's cocktail chemicals to address water quality issues within Harare Metropolitan Province.

Despite the demand for US$3 million on a monthly basis, the 10 chemicals required by City of Harare do not guarantee quality water at the tap.
We are reliably informed that cocktail chemicals are failing to achieve the desired outcome of quality water for citizens, even if raw water from Lake Chivero is mixed with raw water from Darwindale dam. The algae and it’s products coming from water supplied by the City of Harare is a recipe for colon cancer in the City.
In light of the above issues Community Water Alliance will steer citizens in Harare Metropolitan Province to demand improved water quality, reduced water purification costs and replacement of the 10 concoction chemicals with viable cost effective options that guarantee improved water quality.
The steering of citizens will be run under the banner of #WaterQualityFootPrint, a campaign that will galvanize the citizenry to demand two urgent things from City of Harare, Ministry of Local Government and the Tender Procurement Board which falls under the Office of President and Cabinet:
1) Replacement of the 10 concoction of chemicals with the chlorine dioxide, a chemical that proved efficiency and effectiveness during the February 2019 test run at Morton Jaffray. We are ready to face tender-preneurs who have for long fought this worth initiative.
2) preservation of wetlands to improve raw water quality and recharge of streams feeding into Lake Chivero.
Any institution and tier of government that construct a wall between clean water and citizens will be an enemy of life, health and enjoyment of the human right to water.
As we build structures, we are mindful of the fierce urgency of now and we will deliver our promise and pledge to our members and citizens at large.

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