Clean-up or clamp-down?

…as siege engulfs Gweru ahead of Mnangagwa visit

Mr. Emmerson Mnangagwa, who came into office by dint of a court verdict and not the people’s vote, rolls into the Midlands town of Gweru today for a clean-up campaign amid a virtual curfew in the MDC-controlled environs.

It is disturbing that a purportedly elected President would arrive in Gweru when the town is under siege from heavy military presence and  anti-riot water cannons meant to quell any signs of civil disobedience. There is a reported virtual lockdown of Gweru ahead of ED’s visit.

If Mr Mnangagwa was elected by the people, why is he so afraid of the same people?

It is telling that a President would be so much afraid of the people that he would turn up for a clean-up campaign in the middle of guns, the anti-riot squad and water cannons. This shows that that Mr. Mnangagwa is aware of the mounting anger in the country against his government.

The people cannot afford basics; civil servants have threatened industrial action due to inadequate salaries while power and water shortages have become the norm in all parts of the country. Medicines are in short supply and virtually every sector has a grievance against Mr. Mnangagwa and his clueless government.

The message is simple. While it is important to engage in the clean-up of our environs, the people would prefer that Mr. Mnangagwa’s government prioritizes cleaning up the economy.

There is no reason whatsoever why a clean-up must become a clamp-down on the innocent people of Gweru, judging by the reported siege mood ahead of Mnangagwa’s visit. Mnangagwa must simply clean up the economic mess in the country. He must clean his party Zanu PF  and government by riding them of the corrupt barons and baronesses some of whom have been publicly named by his own party youths.

MDC: (1999 – 2019) – Celebrating 20 Years of Tenacity and Courage!!!

Luke Tamborinyoka
Deputy National Spokesperson
Movement for Democratic Change

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