Chief Ndiweni must be set free unconditionally

The MDC unreservedly condemns the on-going political victimisation and persecution of the outspoken Chief Ndiweni by the increasingly repressive rogue regime.

Chief Ndiweni

The MDC stands firmly by the side of Chief Ndiweni and the people of Ntabazinduna against the unjust attack and intimidation by the rogue regime.

Indeed, the MDC as the legitimate people’s movement will do everything in its power; legally, politically and diplomatically to make sure that the outspoken Chief Ndiweni is freed as soon as possible.

The unjust victimisation and persecution of the outspoken Chief Ndiweni has now added yet another justified reason for all the people of Bulawayo to actively join the people’s Free Zimbabwe march on Monday 19th August 2019.

Chief Ndiweni is the Voice of the Voiceless! He is a popular people’s chief, who is clearly now being victimised by the increasingly intolerant rogue regime for speaking the truth to power and also speaking out on behalf of the people.

Like the people of Zimbabwe, Chief Ndiweni must also be set FREE unconditionally.

lndeed, it is clear that under ED, Zimbabwe is NO longer open for freedom, justice or democracy!

Instead, Zimbabwe is now open for despotism and dictatorship!

Zimbabwe is now worse than the colonial regime under Ian Smith that the people of Zimbabwe fought against and finally defeated in April 1980.

The time has now come for the people of Zimbabwe to stand up and fight for their freedom once again.

As such, on Monday, the people of Bulawayo will now be marching for both their own freedom and in solidarity with Chief Ndiweni.

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Daniel Molokele
MDC Spokesperson

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