Moral Authority is a pre-requisite for Good Governance

Big Monday with Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo writes :

Priscilla Chigumba

I’m writing this article with tears, with a heavy heart Lord help Zimbabwe !!!

It is not about money or power, it is about conscience, reputation, moral power & obligation. It is about the power of reasoning, the anatomy of advisory, there is what we call legacy, reputation and life after power. Remember we have children, grandchildren, we have a name to protect.

To my sister Priscilla Chigumba, you have a name to protect, you have a legacy, what do people say about you? It is not about money, it is not what you can do, it is about what people say about you. Remember there is life after office, legacy is important. Legitimacy is derived from legacy.

Hunhu + umuntu = munhu ( chivakashure + dzitsi)

What makes munhu is hunhu.

It’s not about accumulation of wealth, riches, assets, it’s about what kind of name will you leave on earth?!

A name is very important.

NB : Three Million face starvation against 3 million looted.

– who was chairing the Command Agriculture facility??

– Which company was responsible for driving the Command Agriculture agenda?

– what do people say about you after facilitating the 3 Billion loot?

Does your mind rest, when people are starving like this?

Is Priscilla Mupfumira the only woman or thief in this country?

Have peace in your heart, against those who are selling undergarments in the pavements of Harare !!

This is important message to those who are in charge of the instruments of power, and those who are manning the state levers and apparatus of this country. People have conscience, and they are bound to make conclusions, people have the power to reason, and the anatomy of advisory is key. I’m not sure if the Presidential Advisory Council still exists ( PAC), in this country or they have joined the band wagon of looting this country. Leadership have a moral obligation to play in this country. The participatory behaviour and principle is key. Here are the following questions one must ask himself :

1. What will people say after leaving the Instruments of power ?

2. What do people say about me?

3. There is something called legacy

4. It’s not about power, it’s about the people you serve

5. Reputation is key.

6. Remember my children and grandchildren would also want to be part of the society

7. Do I still have conscience to tell me what is wrong and right

Moral obligation is key when dealing with strategic Governance. We are not there in those offices, but those responsible for State Power and those in strategic positions have an obligation and duty to protect their names.

Moral obligation 1 – Legacy

I want to remind Emmerson Mnangagwa and team that one day you may need to walk the streets of Harare, one day you still need to buy in Ok and T.M shops, you still need to watch soccer in National Sports Stadiums. People like Mbeki, Rupiah Banda the former Zambian President was called to chair elections as a former President, a statesman. Do you want to be remembered as what? As who? How do you want to be remembered? Your children will have to mingle with others, they still need to do business with others, there is a day called ” retirement”, and there is what we call , ” Legacy”, and you have a duty to safeguard your reputation. Yes you have bodyguards, you have state power, state levers, you have the Instruments of power, you can revoke and invoke clauses, but my question is oneday you will be out of office, how will the world judge you? It is not about tigotonga, tichingotonga, tichivarakasha, it is about the heart of the people.

Moral obligation 2 – Heart for the people

The day when Mnangagwa was sworn in as the State President, in 2017, I was there in the National sports stadium. As a Political advisor, Development practitioner, Policy Analyst and Researcher, I attended that function on the basis of trust and honour of a new segment which was coming to our country , ” New dispensation”. Am I still able to pronounce the phrase ” New dispensation”, in my rightful conscience? Does New dispensation exist in Zimbabwe? Are we still safe to repeat that statement? Leaders must have a good heart and they must bear the responsibility to take care of their own people. Last night I was looking at the picture of Paul Kagame the former African Union Chair, and Rwanda Head of State, he was walking freely in his own country without any security aides around him. What you sow is what you reap. To Mnangagwa and Zanu PF , I must say , from 2017 till 2019, the opportunity was there to redeem yourself from the past and rebuild your legacy.

3 Billion versus 3 million facing starvation !!!

What does your heart tell you ? Are we doing the right thing?

Moral obligation 3 – Looting without Conscience

I was shocked to read about a report from Chiri, the Auditor General, where 3 Billion disappeared under the stewardship of Emmerson Mnangagwa as the Head of the State. No receipts, no invoices. If you remember very well ED was the chairperson of Command Agriculture. Nothing has been said.

NB ; Sakunda Holdings led by Business Tycoon Kudakwashe Tagwirei was responsible for driving the Command Agriculture facility. 3 Billion is nowhere to be found. Here are the following questions ;

1. Do these people think of others when looting State resources to this level?

2. We have grain that can last for 6 months in the reserves, and what does their conscience say when this report has been made public?

4. How do you justify the looting?

5. The moral aspect must be applied when you think of looting, when you are about to loot, during the loot and after looting and finally when you are enjoying the loot !!

Food for thought

We have NSSA report, where over 100 million disappeared. Where are the accomplices of this saga? Where is the NSSA board? Who authorised the disbursement of funds? Where is the Financial Director for NSSA? Is Mupfumira a worker at NSSA? Where is the Management of NSSA?

As you loot, where are the Zimbabwe pensioners? How do you leave the gap of looting, and how does the issue of reasoning and conscience come in? Do we leave the gap of thinking when benefiting from these proceeds which are supposed to benefit these old madalas and vana muchembere in rural areas??

Moral obligation 4 – Trust

One needs to be trusted . It is difficult to build trust between partners, but you have to work for it. When someone opens his mouth to tell the whole nation that we have budget ” surplus”, remember you need to be trusted after the office of Finance Minister, the outside world needs to trust you. You dont earn it, you build it. When one displays dishonesty and the moral aspect will be vital in people’s conscience when they make future decisions. When we have the following headlines, TRUST , is very important ;

– Zimbabwe to employ 400 000 people by end of year

– They shall be good health care for the next five years

– There will be free education

– Zimbabwe to receive 4 billion Foreign Direct Investment by end of year

– 4 Billion deal on cards

– Zimbabwe to receive 500 million aid

– Zimbabwe to receive additional 400 000 mega watts deal

Where are these promises? Where is the trust?

Moral obligation 5 – Dialogue to save our country

After all has been done, we need each other. We have s duty to build this country, we have a reputation to safeguard. Our duty is to find each other. After the killings then what? After the violence then what? After the march then what? Look at Zambia, the way they are expanding, road networking, infrastructure development, building hospitals and clinics, look at Rwanda, look at South Africa, look at Botswana, look at Namibia and look around in Zimbabwe, it is so pathetic.

1. Where is the platinum deal ?

2. Where is the Chirundu – Beitbridge project ?

3. Where is the 15 billion ?

4. Where is the 3 Billion?

5. Where is the tourism project ?

6. Where is the command Livestock?

7. Where are the 1985 commercial farmers who used to own farms in Zimbabwe?

8. Where is the Mazda willovale?

9. Where is ZUPCO project?

10. Where is Mineral Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe?

11. Where is GMB?

12. Where is ethanol Chisumbanje project ?

The benchmark of development is derived from progressive politics

Let’s have conscience in everything we do !!!

It’s never too late !!!

The correct moral aspect is to have two beasts on the negotiating table !!!

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo – Doctor of Philosophy Candidate

Email : [email protected]

Wa Muzamhindo is a Policy Researcher and Advisor for Global Institute of Policy and Research. He is also a Development Consultant.

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