Nationals and Candidates started on a High note

The Zimbabwe Nationals started on a very high note. In the men's section after two rounds there are still some perfect scores. CM Spencer Masango defeated Van Madanhi who came a bit late from Victoria Falls in the first round before getting the better of Elisha Thabo in a pulsating round two game which was scintillating.


Zhemba Jemusse is still on a perfect after defeating Tapiwa Chikwavaire and Donald Chinyama in rounds one and two respectively. Elisha Chimbamu is another player with two points after overcoming Donald Chinyama and Roy Mwadzura in round one and two respectively. The second-round game played between Roy Mwadzura and Elisha Chimbamu was full of fireworks as players played a very sharp game. Roy used all his arsenal to attack the seasoned Elisha Chimbamu who saw a tactical combination which had a Queen sacrifice leading to a mate on h8 square.

Spectators had to be restrained as they could not contain themselves watching such an exciting game which was mouth-watering and well thought giving them the much-needed expectancy which they had for the Nationals. Vitalis Mapuranga is also another player who is on two points. He defeated Chikwavaire and Madanhi. The race is still on. Roy Mwadzura defeated Tinashe Chinhanga in round one and is still on a point.

Tinashe Chinhanga inturn defeated Tapiwa Chikwavaire in round two. Chikwavaire, Madanhi and Chinyama are yet to secure some victories in this tourney. The games to be played tomorrow will be full of fireworks as they play three games and this will be the beginning of the tournament. Refiloe Mudodo is leading in the Ladies section after defeating WCM  Kudzanai Charinda and Linda Shaba who will be representing Zimbabwe in Morocco sometime this month from the 15th-30th of August. Colleta Wakuruwarehwa is on 1.5points after winning one ad drawing her round two games against WCM Paidaishe Zengeni in a seemingly won position. In the Candidates section, Farai Hamandishe’s brother is leading with two points together with Hamilton Bhudha Mandeya. More games and more news to come…

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