Britain and USA have stood with Zimbabweans!!

Zimbabweans in rural areas know the importance of NGOs during times of natural and human-made disasters.NGOs like Care International, World Vision etc have always stood with the people during times of famine and food shortages caused by ZanuPF poor agricultural policies.

Food stocks in USAID’s warehouse in Durban, South Africa. Photo by WFP.

When one check-in most rural homes there is a food product labelĺed “USAID!!! Zimbabweans in rural areas are proud of the transparency and not politicization of Care International or World Vision humanitarian aid. This totally opposite to Ministry of Social Welfare foid handouts which are distributed on party lines.

Zimbabweans who research on the main funders of Care International or World Vision are Western Europe and the United States of America.

It’s not that I want to praise the Wester countries but only set the record correct. In Zimbabwe and Africa, it’s unheard of for China to donate to the poor. Zimbabwe has had some of its worst droughts and food shortages but Chinese NGOs never ever extended a helping hand.

China is known for donating weapons and helping our army. China did give loans to develop the Army University and had a great interest in diamond mining in the country.

It’s known that Chinese Companies constructed the National Sports Stadium and many roads but all these were loans. The Chinese loans attract interest on payment.

It’s so worrying that some Zanu PF politicians are ready to attack Western nations for imposing targeted sanctions on their leaders but have never bothered to explain that Zimbabwe’s biggest donors are Britain and the USA.

If we are to visit every Zanu PF supporter in rural it is not surprising to find USAID labelled cooking oil tins. A Zanu PF leader has the audacity to lie that Zimbabwe is under sanctions.

Millions of Zimbabweans are living on ARVs which is donated by the World Health organization. The greatest financial and technical contributor to the WHO are Western Europe nations. China is not found on the top 10 of ARVs contributor to Zimbabwe.

Surely Zanu PF must explain that the economic crisis in the country is caused by corruption, legitimacy crisis and poor governance.

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