Open Question to non-Zanu PF POLAD members

Why are you silent when Government is abusing people

Dear non-Zanu PF Polad Members,
Your silence when Zanu PF continues to abuse the people of Zimbabwe is astonishing. One of the latest cases of abuse is the distribution of food aid donated by the United Nations on a partisan in Tsabalala, where the people of Tsabalala protested against the hijacking of the programme by Zanu PF as accurately reported in the media.

Zanu PF are so unashamed of their dirty way of doing things, and it starts from the very top when Government officials lie to the people that it is government which is providing assistance to the needy people when these are donors helping out a people who have been incapacitated through years of mismanagement. First was Sekai Nzenza who told the world that Government was assisting people, when in actual fact this assistance is being offered by the World Food Programme. Once the Government claims ownership, the Zanu PF will then interfere with the process as they will claim they are the ruling party, but what the people know is that Zanu PF has long turned to be a ruining party.

Of cause, you can expect that from Zanu PF. The big question is why are the leaders of political parties represented in POLAD silent when such atrocities are committed? I also ask where are the President advisers when Zanu PF ministers lie about donor programme in a way that is meant to make people believe that Government is doing something good when it is instead allowing hungry Zimbabweans to be robbed of food donated for their benefit by donors? Is such corruption going to be dealt with?

One then tends to accept the argument that the POLAD members are just in it to personal financial benefit rather then correct Government’s political rhetoric.

Its time the POLAD leaders be exposed for their failure to deal with matters they purport to be there for.

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