Stop your double standards, Mr. Speaker Sir

Dear Advocate Mudenda,

Matebeleland turn coming … Speaker, Jacob Mudenda

So, last year when the MDC members of Parliament did not rise from their seats to respect our dear President, Comrade Emmerson Mnangagwa, you unleashed police officers to eject them from the. And then when they decided not to attend fearing they could be ejected again, you are angry with them for bringing Parliament into disrepute.
But be honest, Mr. Speaker Sir. Would you not have got them ejected again if they had not stood up to respect our dear President Mnangagwa? So are you angry because you missed an opportunity to eject them again as you did last year?
You may say what you want, Mr. Speaker Sir, but you need to tell the public what regulations bind the MPs to stand up when Comrade President enters the august house? And what regulations criminalizes MPs to miss a Parliamentary session?
Parliamentary business should be run on rules, and if current rules are no longer applicable, those that make the rules should develop a new set of rules that suit the situation, and rules should never be applied in retrospect. Use of double standards to resolve issues is a no go area.

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