Dubai: Zimbabwe is open for business and committed to creating conducive conditions and incentives for investors, Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa said on Monday at the Global Business Forum Africa 2019 in Dubai.

During an interactive session on the first day of the forum, Mnangagwa explained that economic zones are being created in Zimbabwe as the government looks to attract foreign investment. He stressed the importance of developing new initiatives that invest in skills development and human capital.

The Zimbabwean President noted that his country is ready to engage and re-engage with the international community with the government focusing its efforts on revitalising the country’s economy.

“Up until now we have had no support from international institutions – we’ve had no lines of credit for 20 years. Bilateral relations have dried up. We need to introduce a raft of economic reforms to attract global capital. We must create an environment where investors feel comfortable,” he said.

“We have thousands of top brains outside of Zimbabwe — people left because of the sanctions. We want to reverse the brain drain,” he said, adding that innovation hubs have been introduced to harness the potential of youth and foster a culture of entrepreneurship.

He concluded by saying, “I say to the world – come and make money here, all opportunities are opening up – in agriculture, mining and energy.”

The fifth edition of GBF Africa, which concluded on Tuesday, is being organised by Dubai Chamber under the theme “Scale-Up Africa”, the high-level forum brings together heads of state, policymakers, prominent business leaders, entrepreneurs and industry experts from the UAE and Africa to explore new avenues of economic cooperation.