Best Password Managers Compared

Are you still wondering how you can save all your login credentials?


Worry no more! You can easily get a good password manager to help you save your passwords and login details. Nearly every site or page you visit insists you create a user account and come up with a password, from social media sites and dating sites to hyper-secure banking sites. Your memory cannot keep up with dozens and dozens of these details. That’s why you need a password manager.

With a password manager, you don’t have to memorize complicated, unique passwords for each site. The tool takes care of this and also helps you come up with unique passwords.

Nordpass Reviewed

Free version: Yes

Commercial Version: $5 per month, $3 per month on the annual plan

Nordpass Password Manager is a simple and easy to use freemium password management tool developed by NordVPN, a top VPN provider.

Though it’s a new service, NordVPN already runs almost everywhere, with Android and iOS apps as well as browser add-ons for Firefox, Opera, Edge and Chrome. Whatever platform you are on, NordVPN will surely offer all core functionalities you need.

It can generate robust passwords, save them as you enter them and automatically fills login credentials as required. Login credentials are encrypted on your device and can only be accessed via the master password. Even NordVPN cannot see your credentials. It has an optional 2FA authentication that helps keep your valuable logins safe from attack. Nordpass allows you to synchronize all your logins across up to six devices with a single account.

Nordpass Password Manager isn’t just about passwords. The tool can also securely store your private notes and also save your credit card details and automatically fill them into web forms. It does not, however, include an option to manage and autofill emails, physical addresses and names. This feature is coming soon, though. But for now, users have to complete most delivery and other forms themselves.

Nordpass has a free version that offers all core features but limits you to one device only. You can install the password manager on your PC, phone and more up to six devices then sync them. However, if you log in from one of them, then you`ll be logged out from all the others.


  • Optional 2FA authentication
  • Decent pricing
  • Capable free version


  • Limited features
  • Lacks general form-filling


LastPass Reviewed

Free Version: Yes

Premium Version: $3 per month

LastPass is among the cheapest password managers on the market and ranks among the best password managers for its security and ease of use. Even a tech-deficient user can harness the features and power of the user interface with a unique auto-fill system as well as quick access to your password vault.

Password managers are now moving to the crowd, and LastPass is among those doing so. It stores all your credentials in the cloud so that you can access them from anywhere. LastPass uses AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 as well as salted hashes to keep your passwords secure. But it doesn’t just store your passwords. It can also save your bank account details, credit card information, addresses, insurance policies and much more.

LastPass comes in two versions (free and premium) for individual users and a paid-for family version designed to cover a whole household. The free version is very functional, offering you a secure online vault for your credentials that you can access on any device. It comes with multi-factor authentication as well as the ability to carry out a security audit on your existing passwords to make them stronger.

You can also opt for the premium version, which has one significant feature that may prompt you to open your wallet. It has support for apps. Moreover, it allows you to log into Facebook, Twitter and Gmail on your device using your saved credentials. Luckily, LastPass is among the most low-cost premium password managers, starting at only $3 per month.

LastPass Password Manager is available as a browser extension for Edge, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. There are universal installers available for macOS, Linux and Windows that can add LastPass to your browsers at once.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Supports all major browsers and Oss


  • Lacks a native app for Windows


Dashlane Reviewed

Free Version: Yes

Premium Version: $3 per month

At its most basic plan, Dashlane Password Manager can be used to fill in passwords and usernames automatically, but it offers more than that. Using it in conjunction with a browser add-on, Dashlane can be used to fill in any kind of online information automatically.

Dashlane can generate passwords, securely store financial information and private notes, fill forms, determine the strength of passwords and also check for compromised, weak or reused passwords. It also gives you the option to easily and quickly change passwords that are deemed too weak or those that have been involved in a data breach.

You can use your Dashlane vault to store your credit, debit card information, receipts for your online shopping, copies of identity documents and many more. Everything you save on the app is backed up to the cloud. Other handy features on Dashlane include a robust built-in VPN that can help you browse the web anonymously, enhancing your online security even further.


  • Includes VPN
  • Automatic password changer
  • Flawless autofill


  • Rather expensive


Final thoughts

A good password manager should be able to store, generate, and update your passwords with the press of a button.

They come in both free and paid versions. If you can spend a few dollars a month, you`ll enjoy more security and features, including the ability to sync your credentials across all your devices. Choose a suitable one to make your data and information is safe.

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