Binga Flood Situation Report – Flash Update February 17

Binga district in Matabeleland North Province, Nsungwale Area, under Chief Sinakoma, experienced heavy rains which resulted in some life threating floods. The floods occurred in the early hours of Monday 10 February 2020.

The flooded area is a confluence point of four rivers namely Simbwambwa, Siakanda, Namapande and Manyenyengwa. As a result the road connecting Binga and Siabuwa has been damaged and is currently closed. Chininga Bridge connecting Nsungwale and Siabuwa and linking with Karoi, Gokwe, and Kariba needs urgent rehabilitation IOM managed to support the DCP with a comprehensive registration of all affected individuals, along with officers from the PA, Red Cross, Save the Children, Action Aid.  Through 16 focus groups discussions and HHs assessments, accurate and timely collection and dissemination of data was provided regarding the internal displacement in the affected area.

16 Villages were assessed (Maneta 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-10-11, Chinomba 2, 3 y 4, Simuchembu 9, Chinga 1, Siyakubulabula) Due to the heavy backlash a total of 215 HHs were affected (967 individuals). Out of the affected, 42% were adults (409) and 58% (588) were children. In addition, 53% (512) were females and 47% (455) male. Among the most vulnerable groups, 165 individuals were consider, 5% Disabled, 21% Widow, Single parents, 19% Orphans, 25% Children under 5, 6% Elderly and 22% Chronically ill. 33 were totally destroyed (15%), 34 partially destroyed (16%) and 148 HH (69%) had crops, fields and items affected. All the houses with damaged infrastructure are on the water way and in need of relocation, their field crops were also washed away. Main crops were: Maize, Sorghum, Millet, Beans, Cotton, Pumpkins, Groundnuts and Okra. Approximately 98% of the interviewed households do not have toilets and they are practicing open defecation.

Highlights: 215 HH affected, 33 totally destroyed, 34 partially destroyed, 16 villages assessed and 33 diarrhea cases Read more


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