Zim crisis – Govt got no clue

The situation in Zimbabwe has now gone to another level, right now there is a maize meal shortage looming and prices continue to skyrocket making it almost impossible for people to survive. Employment is almost reaching the 100% mark and this has been recorded as the worst in the history of Zimbabwe.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa


The leadership of Zimbabwe have failed to bring about normalcy which was caused by the former dictatorship of Robert Gabriel Mugabe which has only been made worse by the so-called New Dispensation under Emmerson Dambuduzo Mnangagwa, who is known as ED and nicknamed EDiot.

The Adventist Development Relief Agency Adra with the assistance of various donors have been embarking on Food aid relief but the numbers of Zimbabweans needing food continues to grow weekly.

The former Zimbabwean farmers who are now resident in the Republic Of Zambia have been assisting with getting much-needed maize meal to the Zimbabwean people but at times we have faced a brick wall but we are working on dealing with this problem.

On our fact-finding mission which took us on a tour of the whole country has shown us the true picture of what is happening on the ground.

Zimbabweans are trying to remain hopeful that their country may return back to normalcy while others have lost hope as the suicide rate as we were informed doubled in the last year.
We have also been informed that the school dropout rate as well doubled in the last year.

Further more, we have also been informed that pensioners are also struggling to survive and are being assisted by organisations outside the country.

We are as representatives of various non-profit organisations continue to monitor the crisis and we are now awaiting an audience with the South African government as we have been informed of countless Zimbabweans being held in detention and being refused refugee status.

It is our hope that we may be able to pave a way forward once we meet with the South African government in the next few weeks, as we believe that the treatment of Zimbabwean refugees by South Africa is illegal and we also await a report handed by ourselves to the United Nations in November of 2019.

I would like to personally thank the Government of the Republic Of Zambia and His Excellency The Hon Edgar Lungu who has shown great concern and love for the people of Zimbabwe.

Marko duToit

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