Avani Hotel In Lawsuit: Everything We Know At This Time

Though there is no set court date until mid-April, there has been a vast amount of news coverage surrounding the ongoing battle between Seth Mongwaketse and the Avani Hotel.

As news coverage and speculation continues there are many wondering how the outcome will affect not only the business but gambling as a whole in the country. In this article, we will be providing you with everything you know at this time and what it could mean for the industry in South Africa.

The Avani Gaborone Resort And Casino

For those living in the local area, The Avani hotel and casino is a popular location for those looking to enjoy rest and relaxation coupled with some of the most popular gambling games on offer. With golf, casino and several other opportunities at the hotel, this has become a popular option for many when it comes to relaxation. But with the effect of the ongoing lawsuit against the hotel, could this mean troubling times for the hotel as it stands? With the hotel being used for a wedding venue a spa and a venue for a number of meetings and sporting events, this can-do profound damage to the corporation. As their reputation is tarnished by this former employee, many in South Africa are wondering who is really at fault for the situation. However, as the media continue to report on the issue, speculation will continue to grow about who is really at fault.

What Do We Know About The Ongoing Lawsuit

At this time, the hotel is being sued for P500 000 in compensation for unfair dismissal. This is the strongest amongst unfair dismissal cases and has been filed by a former manager. Though there is no trial set until April 27th, this negative press is something that can cause major problems for the business over the financial year. However, with the effects of this court case standing out as rather negative for the business, could the damage already be done?  This comes as no surprise as many hotels and casinos have also experienced is lawsuits in the past.

One of the most recent lawsuits to surround South African Poker and Gambling is the ongoing lawsuit between Ronit Chamani and Quasar Mining Group. She is seeking $500,000 in lawsuits from the company that she believes to be a fraudulent enterprise. This is another mark against South African casino players and has seen somewhat negative press surrounding it. Though this may seem negative for the industry as a whole, this has led to a vast amount of positive energy for the gambling industry.

The Positive Effect For The Gambling Industry

Though the negative press may seem like a problem for many, there is a positive effect being had on the gambling industry as a result. With the recent signing of more contracts for lotteries and the increased popularity surrounding online casinos in South Africa, this is the perfect time to get into the industry. At this time, gambling in all its forms is accepted in South Africa, allowing users to enjoy the gambling industry as a result, despite this ongoing upheaval with lawsuits and other issues.

The Future Of Gambling In South Africa

Whilst the popularity continues to rise there is a bright future for the gambling industry in South Africa. As social behaviours and attitudes towards gambling begin to change, we are set to see several hotels and casinos begin to provide new and exciting games for many. This is set to increase in popularity in recent months as more and more people begin to try their hand at gambling both online and in casinos. However, as more people begin to take part in gambling in South Africa there is an increased chance of more regulation on several games and even the national lottery, However, this is all speculation at this moment in time, therefore the only time will tell as to how these regulations will change in the near future to regulate the ongoing elements.

With this in mind, the ongoing news about the trial could have a negative impact to the business, however, no news is bad news when it comes to the increase in popularity surrounding the gambling industry in this growing area. How knows, maybe the outcome could be a huge positive jump for the regulation of the gambling industry.

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