Crude propaganda gets us nowhere

I am bewildered by the manner in which certain political parties - and their agents, and trolls - in Zimbabwe have adopted a 'propaganda strategy', encompassing the issuance of rabid communications - mainly premised on incessant and endless poorly thought-out statements.

Tendai Ruben Mbofana

If these are aimed at winning over supporters, or discrediting their opponents, then they have a huge shock in store.

‘Propaganda’ – as some are fond of calling it – is a complex and sophisticated art-form, which requires versatility and intricacy.

Effective ‘propaganda’ is not all about “kungovukura”, but the issuance of well-researched, well-articulated, and well-structured information and statements.

The more people just “vukura” in an unplanned, unreasonable, and directionless manner, the more their cause is actually likely to be shunned and scoffed at.

Part of an effective communications strategy is carefully selecting what to comment on, and what to keep quiet about.

Yes, silence is also an integral part of a very powerful communications strategy.

Furthermore, effective ‘propaganda’ is never a contest to see who lies more, or twists the truth best – especially, in this age of numerous media platforms – since, the truth eventually comes out…simply further discrediting the source.

The days of Goebbels are long gone…this is the 21st century!

Political parties, particularly, should learn these very basic skills – especially, on social media – otherwise they just end up shooting themselves in the foot, through their poorly formulated communications.

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