Who are barcrest

Developing cutting edge software which in turn creates cutting edge slot games for the discerning player is the hall-mark of Barcrest.

Since the late 60’s Barcrest was behind the production of bingo machines which were seen throughout arcades and  pubs, in-fact there were few public houses that did not house a slots machine or two supplied by the barcrest name.

During the 80’s and the 90’s Barcrest hit its peak dominating above all others, and today it is a leading brand for online casino operators.

Those industries and companies which made the transition online in the early days (including Barcrest) offer today’s online casinos a richer place to visit, especially as they have so much experience and expertise which include many advanced gaming technologies.

Being able to adapt to new ideas and embrace advanced technologies is viral in today’s market and Barcrest found itself in the limelight when some of the bigger companies around took interest. IGT, an American company acquired the Barcrest name in 1998.

Wanting to concentrate on Barcrests European network was IGT’s main objective although in time it also became involved in the design process.

In 2011 it was required once more by Scientific Games and although owned by new companies the Barcrest logo still appears on new games so well respected is the Barcrest vision.

Where Can You Find Barcrest?

The exceptional reputation of Barcrest ensures that they brand gets players from all corners of the world although the UK is its largest market. Regulated by the UK gambling commission the license this great brand holds allows them to run their games in North America, South America, Europe and Asia (across 6 continents.)

Barcrest Games

In the early days of slots games players were only able to enjoy 3 reel games. Thankfully those days are long gone   with Barcrest offering 5 reel slots which have different themes and bonus rounds as well as including some board game style rounds which can prove to be quite lucrative.

Uniqueness lies behind the games with Barcrest having a ton of firsts and innovations under its belt. Not so well known for their high-end graphics barcrest slots games have characters who boast very distinct personalities. The stories that lie behind barcrest games are an experience in themselves and players will soon find themselves engrossed within the storyline.

One other interesting characteristic of barcrest games is that they make use of sounds and music tracks only when they think that it is really important to do so. This means that games by this developer do not have a lot of distractions which can detract from the quality of the gaming experience.

Games like the ever popular ‘Rainbow Riches’ is a prime example of the quality of barcrest games – and within the gambling industry quality counts, one very good reason to keep your eyes out when checking out software developers and games creators.

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