Morgan Komichi is not the 2014 Chairman of the MDC

Dear Editor,

Morgan Komichi

So, the Supreme Court has ruled that the MDC-T must revert to its 2014 or 2016 structures, is that correct? My recollection is that Lovemore Moyo, not Morgan Komichi, was the then Chairperson of the MDC-T, and only resigned in 2018. So if the Court ordered the MDC-T to return to its 2018 structures, why does Morgan Komichi think he is the Chairman. And why does Advocate Douglas Mwonzora concur with that fraudulent claim by Komichi. Or was it the Court which mentioned Morgan Komichi by name in its judgement?
This revelation about Komichi imposing himself as Chairman of the MDC before the demise of Tsvangirai, or the Courts imposing him as such, should be exposed and stopped. And Advocate Mwonzora is expected to be a legal guru who should understand better,and for him to really call Komichi Chairman is mischievous.
Mr. Lovemore Moyo is still alive, and very much part of the 2014 MDC-T structures. Dr. Khupe must call Advocate Mwonzora and Mr. Morgan Komichi to order.
Slow down, Slow down Advocate Mwonzora and Morgan Komichi, you have already prostituted the Supreme Court judgement by claiming that Morgan Komichi was the Chairman of the MDC-T in 2014. Your hands are dirty, gentlemen, and through your mischievous utterances, you may have rendered the Supreme Court judgement null and void.

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