MDC Alliance disengage interaction with Zanu PF

*Communique from the National Standing committee*

Job Sikhala

The National Standing Committee of the MDC -Alliance met today in Harare and made the following resolutions

1. The Standing Committee noted the perverse and insidious attempt by ZANU-PF and its proxies to dismember the MDC Alliance by executing a coup against the legitimately elected leadership of the MDC Alliance under the guise of implementing the equally insidious judgement of the Supreme Court which seeks to foist ZANUPF proxies as leaders of the MDC Alliance in brazen violation of the MDC Constitution.

2. The MDC Alliance Parliamentary Caucus shall forthwith suspend its participation in all Parliamentary processes, programmes and activities pending the party’s consultations with its structures and a final resolution of the National Council on the way forward given the ZANU-PF insidious attempted coup against the elected and legitimate leadership of the MDC Alliance.

3. The MDC Alliance shall forthwith disengage from all platforms in which the party has to interact with Zanu PF.

4.The Standing Committee noted that Zanu PF staged an illegal and unconstitutional coup against Robert Mugabe in November 2017 and yet another one on the 30th July 2018 against the people’s sovereign will by which the people had elected Nelson Chamisa as the President of the country.
5. The Standing Committee further noted the in progress attempt to stage yet another coup, this time against the leadership of the MDC Alliance duly elected at the party’s Congress in Gweru in May 2019, a Congress which has not been set aside by any Court of law.

6. The Standing Committee resolved to reject in toto and with utter contempt the ZANUPF and its proxies attempt to foist modern day Muzorewas as leaders of the MDC Alliance.

7. The Standing Committee maintains the truism that only the MDC Alliance has the power and authority to recall iMPs elected under its ticket.

*8*The Standing Committee resolved to urgently consult the structures of the party at Provincial and constituency levels through the National Executive Committee and the National Council on appropriate responses to the attempts to dismember the party by staging a coup against its elected leadership.

*9.*The MDC Alliance will not allow Zanu PF to hold a Congress under the name of the MDC. Zanu PF cannot write another political party’s constitution and hold a congress under its name.

*10.*The Standing Committee noted that Morgen Komichi, Douglas Mwonzora and Elias Mudzuri expelled themselves from the MDC Alliance by joining another party and thereby automatically expelled themselves from the party which has accordingly resolved to relieve them of their positions in the party and to withdraw them from all positions to which they had been deployed by the party.

*11.*The Standing Committee resolved to demand all monies due to the MDC Alliance under the Political Parties Finance Act and to take all necessary steps and measures to lain claim to its money.

*12.*The Covid-19 Supreme Court judgement has engendered an illegality by seeking to extend the mandates of the 2014 structures which had since expired. The terms of office of all 2014 structures expired in October 2019 and the toxic judgement illegally seeks to give a Lazarus moment by seeking to resurrect the expired mandate of the 2014 MDC-T structures.

*13*The meeting took note of the COVID19 pandemic and the dislocated livelihoods of the vulnerable and the majority of Zimbabweans who are surviving in the informal sector. The illegitimate regime has provided no safety nets whatsoever to assist the despondent Zimbabweans. They have instead destroyed the vending stalls where the majority of Zimbabweans are eking a living through informal trading

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