Shameless move when people are starving

Dear Editor,

Paul Mavima

Professor Paul Mavima tells the world that government could only afford to give people facing hardships who cannot survive COVID-19; Professor Ncube, sends out a begging hat, telling the world the country is in an economic bad shape; Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi gives a hint that Parliament and Government are likely to give money to the pro-Extra Ordinary Congress; and instead of calling for an emergency Parliamentary meeting to discuss the implications Covad-19 on society and allow Parliamentarians to discuss strategy, Advocate Jacob Mudenda calls for a meeting to recall Parliamentarians, on the pretext that the meeting was  intended to formally adjourn Parliament. The invitation to Parliamentarians specifically read “As a contingency measure, the CSRO resolved that both Houses will sit on Tuesday 5th May 2020 only for the purpose of formally adjourning to a date that will be informed by the government decision on the lockdown,” so there can be a legal argument against Parliament there of abuse its mandate.

Instead of doing the business that Parliament had been called for, Advocate Mudhenda then went on announce the recalling of MDC Alliance Parliamentarians wrongly citing section 129(1)(k) of the constitution which states that the seat of an MP becomes vacant if the member has ceased to belong to the political party of which he or she was a member when they were elected to Parliament and the relevant political party has made a written declaration to that effect to the Speaker or the President of the Senate. If Advocate Mudenda had studied the symbols that were used by the MDC-T and MDC Alliance in registering for elections and with Parliament, he would have noticed that the letterhead used by Douglas Mwonzora in writing to Parliament does not resemble the letterhead and symbol used by the MDC-T during elections, and as lawyer he should have known better.

Some progressive Parliaments are setting up Parliamentary committees to tackle Covid-19, yet our own Parliament only thinks of ways of depriving the people of Zimbabwe representation in Parliament of the very people they voted for when they have not been recalled by the party that sponsered them on false recall claims by parties which did not sponsor those parliamentarians.

How can Zimbabwe progress with people of such mentality as Advocate Mwonzora and Company who want to reap where they did not sow, and leaders of Parliament who behave as if they are illiterate? What image are we trying to send to the voter who knows very well that the party which is recalling the parliamentarians is not the one which sponsored those candidates to Parliament? What image of the country are we sending to potential investors when we have a Parliament which clandestinely connive with a party involved in a dispute to dupe parliamentarians that there is parliamentry business when the purpose of the meeting if completely different from the purpose for which the meeting is called? A parliamentary leadership which leaves people with more questions than answers?

Advocate Mwonzora who in one interview he had assured viewers thta parliamentarians are elected by the people so should not be called, yet he is the one who signs the letter to recall the Members of Parliament. Ihave lost all respect I had for Advocate Mwonzora

Advocate Mudenda and all those you are working with on this should not take Zimbabweans for fools – you have just gone too far.

If I may ask the Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Speaker Sir, do you have a conscience at all?

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