You are a heartless Minister of Justice

Dear Editor,

According to state media, 17 000 Zimbabweans had been arrested for violating social distancing regulations announced by the Government as at 1 May 2020. By the way, all over the world the regulations have been violated, but of cause 17 000 is too large a number. Perhaps the Minister of Justice, Comrade Ziyambi Ziyambi can explain how those arrested have been dealt with, because from his tone in Parliament when asked by Senator Mwonzora about the abductions, the Minister seemed to be suggesting that the three ladies who were abducted have to be treated differently.

Well, the three may have a case to answer regarding the flash demonstration, but what concerns me is the fact that the Minister refused to answer a simple question he had been asked about what is being done to investigate their abduction. The question put to the Minister by Senator Mwonzora was “On the abduction and torture of three girls including an MP Joanna Mamombe at the hands State agents last week, what has government done about the incident? What is the government doing to make sure this does not happen again?” Strangely, but in typical Zanu PF style, the Minister’s response was “It is a fact that these people broke the law. They are wanted by the police to explain their demonstration. I am not sure, maybe, they are happy being in hospital but police are waiting for them. If they have a complaint to lodge with the police, they are free to do so.”

Furthermore, the Minister is reported to have told the BBC “I don’t believe the whole abduction story at all, nothing they say adds up. Firstly there is a pandemic, and the world over people are being told to stay home. They decide to break that.” What a heartless Justice Minister? And he says all this when another Government Minister Kazembe Kazembe is telling the world that an investigation is being undertaken “While circumstances pertaining to the whole case are not clear, my Ministry has directed the Commissioner-General of Police to institute full-scale investigations into the matter. I want to assure Zimbabweans that no stone will be left unturned with a view of finding out exactly what happened after the flash demonstration in Warren Park by MDC Alliance.”

Those who know the way Zanu PF and its government operates will tell you that once you hear these contradictions from within the ruling party, you are assured no investigation will take place, but the victims will be made to pay dearly for having been abducted and tortured. International intervention is really crucial at this stage, especially as reports begin to emerge that persons found discussing the abduction are being brutally attacked by suspected Zanu PF and Government agents throughout the country. A credible news report recently had it that Moreblessing Nyambara, the Artuz national secretary for gender and social welfare is currently nursing severe injuries after six men believed to be State security agents tortured her in Domboshava over a video she posted on social media protesting the abduction of three MDC Alliance.

International intervention is crucial before this further deteriorate.

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