Denial of Bail to MDC Alliance Youth Trio a travesty of Justice

The denial of Bail to Honourable Joanna Mamombe Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova leaves a sour taste in the mouth and is a gross travesty of Justice.

While we believe that the law in normal circumstances should be allowed to take its course, in Zimbabwe the situation is not only abnormal but has become untenable and the level of cruelty and insensitivity has reached dangerous levels.

It is this in this context that we find it perplexing that the Justice Delivery System has failed these three young ladies. Surely their suffering is clear and evident for all to see and it is regrettable that the court has failed to deliver justice and bring their misery to an end.

We are also appalled by the dogged determination of the illegitimate regime to persecute them without dealing with the serious allegations that they raised and this must be taken in the context of the numerous unexplained cases of abductions and enforced disappearances.

In particular, Itai Dzamara is still missing and yet the police have not made any discernible progress. In fact, no arrests have been been made in respect of all the cases and it would stretch credibility too far to imagine that all of them are a fabrication and the inescapable suspicion is that the State has a hand in it

We yearn for a just and free Zimbabwe and as the MDC Alliance, we will not be deterred from spearheading the people s struggle.

For and on behalf of the MDC Alliance Legal Affairs Department
Innocent Gonese
MDC Alliance Secretary for Justice and Legal Affairs

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