12 armed robbers arrested after robbing Chidamoyo Mission Hospital

Chidamoyo Hospital in Hurungwe was attacked by 12 armed robbers on (6 July 2020) around 0400 hrs. They went to Sister Cathy McCarthy's residence and marched hr to the hospital at gunpoint and ordered her to surrender a safe containing cash. (USD $1700 & zw$3000)

She and the other two security guards were left lying on the ground about 500 meters from the hospital.

The robbers were arrested on the same day in Chinhoyi when numerous roadblock were mounted by armed Police and Soldiers along Harare – Chirunda highway (Lomagundi drive)

The gang comprises mostly of soldiers.

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Arrested in Chinhoyi for Armed robbery are the following accused persons:

01. Ishmael Neboet Zibula Age: 29 years
NR-08-2126282 X 35
Res- 58058/02 Mabutheni Bulawayo
Bus- ZNA Parachute Regiment, Inkomo, Harare
Rank: Corporal
F/N: 840925Y

ACCUSED 02. Spencer Chigondo Age: 29 years
NR-63-2445275 Q18
Res- 588 Ruwa, Harare.
Bus- ZNA Commando Regiment, Harare.
Rank: Corporal
F/N: 8424711P

ACCUSED 03. Ruka Matemai Bitone Age: 39 years
NR-38-135665 J38
Res- 17028 Unit M Seke, Chitungwiza, Harare.
Bus- ZNA Commando Regiment, Harare
Rank: Colour Sergeant
F/N: 814421P

ACCUSED 04. James Bhebhe alias Mitewell Moyo Age: 29 years
NR-29-247321 K29
Res- Plot 84 Sukani Lower Gweru.
Bus- ZNA 2.2 Infantry Batallion, Harare
Rank: Corporal
F/N: 831451Y

ACCUSED 05. Trust Hapanyengwi Age: 31 years
Res- Tazviviga village, Chief Chirumhanzi.
Bus- ZNA Parachute Regiment, Inkomo, Harare
Rank: Corporal
F/N: 818290V

ACCUSED 06. Mighty Nyoni Age: 34 years
NR 08-812330 T73
Res- 4079 Emakhandeni, Bulawayo
Bus- ZNA Parachute Regiment, Inkomo, Harare
Rank: Corporal
F/N: 8193633L

ACCUSED 07. Chadmore Chakaingesu Age: 42 years
Res : 15858P Seke, Chitungwiza.
Bus: ZNA Parachute Regiment, Inkomo, Harare
Rank: Colour Sergeant
F/N: 811110Q

ACCUSED 08. Tozivei Kunyangamara Age: 42 years
NR-63-1108790 P71
Res- Lion Kopje, Banket
Bus- Unemployed
Rank: Ex-Corporal
F/N: 810393M

ACCUSED 09. Casten Kamuchira Age: 38 years
NR-68-234067 H83
Res- 14312 Rujeko Street Dzivarasekwa 2, Harare.
Bus- Unemployed

ACCUSED 10. Clinton Mazwimaviri Age: 52 years
NR-63-740450 X68
Res- 232 Mamamafuyana, Glenforest, Harare.
Bus- Clarion Insurance, Harare

ACCUSED 11. Stuwart Kasenda Age: 36 years
NR-38-152256 A38
Res- 76 Chiedza, Karoi
Bus- Unemployed (gold panner)

ACCUSED 12. Tawanda Magaya Age: 24 years
NR-63-1354126 J63
Res- 2924 79 Crescent Kuwadzana Extension, Harare
Bus- Unemployed.

The group of twelve who robbed Chidamoyo Mission hospital have been brought to Chidamoyo Mission hospital for indications of how they committed the crime.
Many people flocked to the hospital to try and see their faces.
Boysman Malaya was arrested at the scene for taking photos.

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