Have you ever consulted Zimbabweans if they want to represented by POLAD

Dear Dr. Khupe,

I was not surprised to read your letter to Congressman Michael McCaul purportedly representing “the entire population of Zimbabwe” is your futile effort as Chairperson of the unconstitutional POLAD’s International Relations and Re-engagement Sub-Committee to persuade the international community to lobby for the removal of sanctions against Zimbabwe. Dr. Khupe, you cannot honestly say that you “speak as a voice for the Zimbabwean people who are suffering” when you have not consulted with the suffering people of Zimbabwe who know that the reason for the suffering is corruption. Even by the election results announced by the Zimbabwe Elections Commission, the number of people who voted for all the parties represented in POLAD is nowhere near 60 per cent of the country’s population, so that is not “the entire population of Zimbabwe”. As holder of a PhD, you know that you were not telling the truth in your letter because living in Zimbabwe as you do, you are expected to know very well that the majority of the people of Zimbabwe who are suffering know the cause of their sorrowful plight, which is mismanagement of the economy and corruption by both the Mugabe and Emmerson Mnangagwa regimes.

The intended trip to the USA is another cause of the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe, because it was only an opportunity of those who were to make the trip to make money for themselves through the hefty allowances given for such trips. The world knows even how Emmerson Mnangagwa took Zanu PF youths to the United Nations Convention, youths who had nothing at all to to with the deliberations at the United Nations General Assembly. You are on record, Dr. Khupe, saying you are in politics to make money, hence the majority of Zimbabweans are bound to think that your foreign trips to lobby countries who are represented in Zimbabwe are just money making trips.

The United States Government is represented in Zimbabwe and all those issues you have about sanctions have been addressed by the United States of America Embassy in Zimbabwe and the Delegation of the European Union representative in Zimbabwe, who, together with representatives of other Governments have said the regime in Zimbabwe which you seem to have become part of as evidenced by this attempt to lobby foreign Governments to remove sanctions, have reiterated the need for internal reforms before sanctions can be removed. So do first things first, tell the Government that you have become part of through the assignments you are carrying out as Chairperson of POLAD’s International Relations and Re-engagement Committee to reform, and everything will fall into place.

Dr. Khupe, your Government has been told what it has to do in order to get targeted sanctions removed so many times, and you need to tell it harder to them, being part of them. You need to join the growing chorus of individuals and organisations that are denouncing Government for lack of reform. What you have done through your letter to Congressman Michael McCaul has proved beyond any doubt that you have become part of the repressive regime led by Comrade Mnangagwa, proving your point when you said as reported by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation that you will continue to support President Mnangagwa.

The cancer that has caused the suffering of Zimbabweans is being revealed on several occasions, the latest being the expose around the Farm Mechanisation Programme in which the President of the country alone benefited nearly half a million United States dollars. Instead of spending energy and tax payers’ money on trips to the United States and other parts of the world, you, Dr. Khupe, are better off expending your energy fighting the corrupt system in Zimbabwe and the human rights abuses perpetrated by the regime. Regardless of whoever benefited, the idea by a Government to let people, mostly Zanu PF officials, get away with so much money obviously affects the economy, and contributes to the suffering, not sanctions in the form of targeted restrictive measures. People who benefited, whoever they are, must pay back.

The Farm Mechanisation Programme was not to the only scheme that has milked the country’s resources, there are many other programmes, including Command Agriculture which have caused Zimbabwe’s economic woes. I am sure you know some of such schemes Dr. Khupe, and that is what you must fight, not to spend the little resources the country has enjoying foreign trips for the sake of lining your pockets with filthy got money.

I hope, Dr. Khupe, that you will reflect on the evidence that has been availed since your letter to Congressman Michael McCaul and admit you were misinformed at the time you wrote the letter, unless of cause if you have become permanently married to Zanu PF. You, so sure, and all those following you are a Zanu PF project, as confirmed by your statement that you will “continue to President Mnangagwa”, have become a Zanu PF project in the eyes of the suffering people of Zimbabwe. You have taken the “if you can’t beat them, join them” stance, and congratulations in your new chosen romance with Zanu PF.

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