Chin’ono court updates

11:10 Magistrate Nduna has now arrived and all parties are now present


Is now dealing with postponements on other matters

Magistrate Nduna starts reading his lengthy ruling on Mtetwa’s recusal from representing Chin’ono, applied by the State.A short summary will be availed soon

Magistrate Nduna has just granted the State it’s application to disbar Mtetwa from representing Chin’ono

He has ordered the prosecutor general to institute prosecution on Mtetwa with regards to contents in a letter she wrote to the court on 27 July 2020 and the posts on the wall of a Facebook page titled Beatrice Mtetwa and the Rule of Law

He has ordered that a copy of his judgment be availed to the Law Society of Zimbabwe

Has adjourned the court for ten minutes to allow Advocate T.W Nyamakura to make a bail application for Chin’ono as his counsel had foressen that the court was likely to disbar Mtetwa

Magistrate Nduna returns and the court resumes proceedings

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