From a White Zimbabwean

Fellow countrymen, I am a former farmer who cares dearly about the current situation facing our country. I say 'our' as I too am born in Zimbabwe, not the United Kingdom nor Europe.

My forefathers came to this country in 1895 along with the early pioneers and set up a small shop in Fort Victoria which is now Masvingo.

I grew up in the Gutu area, my father had believed that all of us irrespective of the race was equal no matter the level of education.

To be called a Colonialist in this day and age is an insult, we need to understand that being African does not mean one has to have dark skin, we have Arabs who are African, and we have whites who are African.
In 2002 when i and my family were given the notice to leave the farm I had lived on and hoped that my grandchildren would as well experience the life I enjoyed would now not be possible.

Zimbabwe is a beautiful country, and politics has now become a disease that has to be dealt with before it destroys not just the country but the people as well.

Recently I received a letter to go back to the land, unfortunately, my age is against me and my son who loves Zimbabwe as much as I do is sceptical of the government’s intentions.
Build up the farm and then get chased off again? I think not.
In all truth yes Robert Mugabe was evil, pure evil.

His ousting in 2017 gave us all hope of better things to come, but alas, all we have had was one promise after the next.
Perhaps if our present government which claims to be a listening government can come back to reality and admit that all is not well in the country and request help from us the citizens, what a difference this will make.

I am a former member of the Rhodesia Action Party that was official opposition and though we did not always agree to Smiths way of doing things he would never have special branch knock on our doors and take us away in chains.
I and many so-called Colonialists have remained in this country because it is our home, and given the opportunity, we are always ready to advise and assist to better this country.

There is a difference between Democracy and Dictatorship, what we have in Zimbabwe is Dictatorship in the form of Democracy and this can not last no matter how hard the present government will fight to stay in power, eventually, the rope will snap.

The situation in Zimbabwe affects almost 16 Million people by less than 30 possibly 20 in the elite?.
Zimbabweans are not cowards the time will come when all hell will break loose and I call on the President His Excellency ED Mnangagwa to realise the consequences to his actions before it is too late

We have the Mighty Victoria Falls, the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, the Chinhoyi Caves and this is proof that we are a country with much history and its that history that will make us a great country.
We have the Shona, Ndebele, Venda, Tsonga, Chindau, English amongst us, surely this means we are a great people?.
We have our own traditional brew,chibuku, ingwebu and many more, what a country.
We use our hands to eat Sadza with sour milk, we eat matemba, madora and much more including mafushwa.

Now tell me where else we will experience this?

I am a white Zimbabwean, Zimbabwe is my home.

As told to his son Graham

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