Zimnat enters South African funeral insurance market

The Zimnat Group has extended its insurance arm into South Africa to enable Zimbabweans living there to take out insurance cover for funeral expenses, including the cost of bringing their bodies back to Zimbabwe should they die in South Africa.

Mustafa Sachak

Various news sources have reported an increase in the number of Zimbabweans illegally
smuggling the bodies of relatives into Zimbabwe from South Africa, since the cost of a
decent journey back home for burial falls beyond the reach of many.

In response to this undignified way of bringing back home the body of someone who may
have spent years away from home working in a foreign land, Zimnat International Services
was formed, providing affordable funeral cover to Zimbabweans living in South Africa, thus
ensuring that in the event of death they are brought back home with dignity.

The cover, branded Homecoming Plan, pays out a lump sum upon the death of a covered
member or a member of his or her family or extended family. The lump sum can be used to
fund repatriation of the body and other funeral expenses to ensure the person is given a
befitting send off.

Premiums are payable in rands. The benefit is also paid in rands. A family of six can be
covered for R90 000 for just R150 per month, meaning that each person is covered for
R15 000.

There is no waiting period for accidental death. The principal member can add family
members back home to the plan. The plan also covers COVID-19 related deaths. No medical
examinations are required before taking out the cover.

Zimnat Group chief executive officer Mustafa Sachak said the Group had been moved by the
plight of Zimbabweans dying in South Africa, whose families are unable to find the funds for
repatriation of their bodies, leading to them resorting to undignified means of bringing their
bodies home.

“We believe that we all deserve a decent burial, regardless of where we are. An estimated
between one and three million Zimbabweans are currently living and working in South Africa
and it is our responsibility as an organisation to make their life better through ensuring they
maintain their dignity even in death.

“The Homecoming Plan is the perfect solution for Zimbabweans looking for affordable
guaranteed cover that will bring them back home with dignity,” he said.

Zimnat International Services is in Midrand, South Africa. Zimbabweans wishing to sign up
for this plan can do so by sending an email to [email protected] or sending a
WhatsApp message to +27 82 341 2532 or calling +27 10 109 8709 / +27 82 341 2532.
Companies within the Zimnat Group include Zimnat Life Assurance, Zimnat General
Insurance, Zimnat Asset Management and Zimnat Microfinance. The Group is driven by a
purpose to make life better.

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